I'm Fundog

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I'm Fundog

Post by Fundog » Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:36 am

Hi Everyone,

Very excited to be here-- can you tell? :lol: I was exulting in how the mega-page intro thread got all separated out to give everyone their own little announcement. My son said, "You don't need to introduce yourself; everyone already knows you!" :lol: That may be true, but for the benefit of those who are not acquainted with me, I'm Fundog. I like to have FUN, FUN, FUN with my doggies, hence the name, heh, heh. :D

I live out in the desert southwest of the U.S., am married, have two human teenage sons, and two fur-daughters, of the canine species. Annie is a six year old Springer Spaniel mix, and the smartest doggy I have ever seen. My family got her from our local kill shelter when she was just a little puppy. Dottie is a two year old Llewellin (English field bred) Setter. We got her from a rescue last February. She came with a lot of baggage and post-traumatic stress, but she has come a long way through my family's tender loving care-- and of course, Annie has helped her immensely also!

Apart from my dogs and family, I also work the graveyard shift in a youth rehab center-- in other words, I watch naughty teenagers sleep, and take notes regarding their sleeping habits, behaviors, problems, etc. for the psychiatrist.

I also love to crochet, and write my own patterns/designs.

So that's pretty much all about me, in a nutshell. Welcome to all you newbies out there-- this forum is highly addictive, though, so watch out. It's kind of like a cyber dog park for people! :D
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Re: I'm Fundog

Post by emmabeth » Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:44 pm

Ahhh :) Yes ive been unpicking the individual posts out of the big intro thread but did hope that long standing members would come and do an updated intro anyway, as you rightly say.. whilst some of us are well known to one another, we arent to new users so a new intro is a good plan.

Ill carry on unpicking the intro thread though once i get back to pre- summer and ive done all the regulars who havent done a new one, then ill leave it locked for reference. Seems little point unpicking posts from years ago and posters who dont visit currently.

Hope you enjoy the new forums - don't break anything!!!! (that goes for all you regulars and not just Fundog, I am not casting aspersions on Fundogs techy abilities here!)
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