Hello, I'm "Noobs"!

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Hello, I'm "Noobs"!

Post by Noobs » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:03 am

Hi all!

I am loving the new site, love the name "Positively," and I'm having a great time exploring around the other sections of the site. I have to get used to the new colors and format of the forum, but all the changes are wonderful!

I'm Karen, I live in Queens, New York, with my partner and our Black Lab/Whippet mix Murphy (we are guessing on the breeds, but we think we've got it mostly right). We're unsure of his age but the rescue told us he was 8 months old when we adopted him, so going by that, we think he's 2 1/2. We don't know his history, but the shelter where we got him had him for three days and named him "Oreo" (because he was black with a little white patch is my guess). We renamed him "Murphy" because we liked the idea of giving him an old man's name. :lol: Before he was at our shelter, though, we don't know his history except that the shelter had acquired him from another shelter in a different part of New York.

We've had tons of issues to deal with, and with over a year of training (trial and error on my part since I started out using positive training and aversives and confusing my dog, etc. etc.) we've made huge strides. We're still a work in progress but with the aid of positive training sites like this we're going to be all right. :D

Here's a picture of our boy doing his favorite thing.


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