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pocket beagle

Post by pcb0960 » Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:00 am

:D Hi all,
Well my pocket Beagle is 5 months old and driving me nuts!! I am aware she is a puppy still, I have been taking her out thank God she loves to go for walks getting used to noise ,children, car rides being left home alone, lately even if she is home with our son,or my husband for that matter, she howls and cries and whines when I leave, she is very vocal with me and still likes to nip and bite at me, even though she is my sons dog I have been taking her out and feeding her and playing with her, I have taught her to come and sit when on and off a leash, she is learning to "drop it" with a toy and sitting before I throw her toy, my husband tells me I am training her wrong, I have by the way when leash training her I distracted her with treats when cars passed by or noisy children passed by (with discretion) she so far has done well. Please anyone please help!!. Also she is going to need to be fixed soon. How old can this be done? I am thinking 6 months?
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Post by Nettle » Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:55 am

Sounds as if you are doing just fine. A pup can't grow up to a human schedule :D any more than a toddler can become adult because toddler behaviour is so trying at times.

Beagles are an extremely vocal breed.

Spaying should be delayed at least until after the first season and preferably not done until the dog is a year or more old for reasons of physical and mental health. Spaying too early fixes the dog into permanent puppyhood - precisely what you are trying to avoid! :wink:

Hang on in there. Puppies are fun, hectic, demanding, exhausting and we've all been through it.
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Post by danabanana » Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:40 am

I have a beagle! She's 15 months now... still can be vocal, still can be a stubborn mare and just flatly refuse to do anything. She's having her second season now, I plan on getting her spayed maybe after one more when she's 2 years old. She's only in the past month or two started to settle more and stop being so bloody mental! Hang in there, it may be a while... but worth every second x

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Post by Fundog » Wed Feb 18, 2009 10:14 am

Wow, for some reason I only just saw this thread.... anyway, not to start an argument or a debate or anything, but I had my Annie spayed at 4 months. And she has matured into a perfectly grown up dog, and has not remained an eternal puppy. However, she was adopted from a shelter, and the adoption contract requires all pets to be spayed/neutered within a certain amount of time, depending upon the age of the pet, and before sexual maturity, if they are still puppies. Especially with females, if an accidental pregnancy occurs, we are required to get the pregnant dog spayed immediately (yes, thus aborting the puppies), and we pay a hefty fine on top of it. Here in my region, all rescue/shelter pets are spayed/neutered even before being released to their new homes, if old enough (I think they have to be at least 8 weeks old-- and not all vets have pediatric equipment, so not all can do it that young), or a contract signed if the puppy is not old enough. Just thought I would share the information.

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Post by Nettle » Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:34 pm

I am glad it worked with your Annie. There are many more dogs who are terribly badly affected by early neutering, not just physically but with regard to emotional maturity and the ability to take direction.

You cannot help the laws where you live, but what terrible laws they are. :cry:
A dog is never bad or naughty - it is simply being a dog


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Post by lablver2 » Wed Feb 18, 2009 8:05 pm

Because I live in CA I went and read the bill that was going to pass requiring all dogs and cats to be neutered/spayed before the age of four months ( I believe)

I read that some breeds, especially rottweilers, are prone to having severe side effects toward early neutering and many people do not fix them until they are 8 months to a year to try and avoid any problems.

My Lab was fixed at the age of 5. We were going to show him in conformation but then he ended up having to have an emergency surgery. We hoped the scars would of gone away and when they didn't we decided to ge him fixed so he can be a happier and healthier dog. He had side effects from the neuter. By the time he was all better, i had already payed about $1,200 on a neuter, antibiotics, and a cone. He had to take 4 different medications.

I honestly do not like the idea of neutering before the age of 6 months. I feel that if spay-neuter laws are put in action then the appropriate age would be a year.
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