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board and train

Post by CaraN » Tue Jan 01, 2019 3:19 pm

I was wondering if anyone on this forum has an opinion on board and train? I just wonder if when I go away is this a better option. Previously, I have left my dog in the house of my dog walker/trainer but she doesn't train with boarding. I don't know. It seems in my area board and train does not cost that much more then what I have been paying. I just was not sure about it. My dog is 2. She has decent skills but could definitely use some improvement in certain areas (particularly frustration and also off-leash).

Has anyone on this forum used a a board and train for a non-puppy?

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Re: board and train

Post by Ari_RR » Tue Jan 01, 2019 4:42 pm

I am of the opinion that training is a constant, every day thing that never ends or stops.
Because there is infinite number of circumstances and situations, and each one is a training opportunity.
That said - i see all kinds of dog training schools and classes as classes for humans to learn how to train their dogs.
Then, afte finishing the class, the humans apply what they learn there every day, for the rest of the dog's life.

So, if i were to board my dog - I would be happy if his stay there is more entertaining because the host does some training sessions with him, beside just making sure he is fed and safe. But as far as "training" in the sense of developing the desired behaviors, in all surroundings... that I am afraid is my job, and it's a life-long job, no one will be able to substitute for me.

To make a long story short - i have never boarded the dog, but if I did - I would gladly pay more for positive training sessions.
I would not expect a different dog after the boarding period, though. Just the one who had a good time.

Good luck!
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Re: board and train

Post by Nettle » Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:12 am

It isn't a great idea for a pet dog, though it would have its place for working dogs IF the owner could attend the last week.

Someone else could train your dog, but then your dog would work for them not you. Unless the training skills are transferred, the training would not apply to the owner and would not remain with the dog. And although training principles are broadly the same, each dog asks different questions of the trainer.

Also, as Ari says, training is a lifelong process.
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