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Post by ZaraD » Mon Dec 10, 2018 4:20 am

Hi all

hoping you can help and especially Nettle.

back in august my mom has moved out into a bungalow , she always wanted to get another dog of her own and wanted to go small but i did not think it was a good idea when she was living with me as she wants a girl and Lara is not great with other females at best she ignores them at worst she can and has lunged at other females. so mom wanted to wait until she got back on her feet (financially , divorce from dad meant she had no money of her own so had to live for me for awhile and now shes more stable financially and has a new bungalow)

anyways now shes settled she looking into breeds and she thinks she has found the perfect breed in the Havanese. shes not thinking of getting one until a year or so shes just wanting to pick breed then research breeders very well.

i just wanted to ask if the following she has read is true of the breed?

shes read a lot of books and websites and went to discover dogs this year to meet them and the breeder/owners she met said that everything she read was true so just wanted to check on here.

the two things she wants to know if are true is...

1) are they not a yappy small dog / quite? (she has read been told that they are not as yappy as most other small toy breeds and are quite and only bark if theirs a reason but also with them being easy to train can easily be taught to stop barking on command, is this true that there not as yappy as other toy breeds , at discover dogs she was told that some toy breeds love the sound of there own voices but Havanese are not like that is this true?

2) are they really that easy to train , shes been told there very easy to train and willing to please. is this true?

everything else she has read/been told she loves it was just these two things she wanted to know if there true about the breed.

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Re: Havanese?

Post by Nettle » Mon Dec 10, 2018 5:19 am

They are nice little things. Not unduly noisy, and smart to train.
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