Introducing me and Ben

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Introducing me and Ben

Post by popsicle » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:24 pm

Hello from Cumbria in NW UK
Ben and I live in a tiny farming village just outside the Lake District. He is an 8 year old border collie rescue who adopted me around 10 months ago. My last dog was a border collie too - I had her from a puppy and she died at over 16 - having been given 2 months to live at the age of 13 due to liver disease! I home cooked for her condition but owe a lot to a group for dogs with liver disease. Hoping this forum can similarly advise me about Ben. He has a heart murmur, PRA and cataracts and is almost blind, but initially I would like to pick everyone's brains about one particular behavioural issue.
Ben is quite a large border collie - a big daft affectionate boy. He is believed to have been a farm dog and always wanted to be at the farm next door when he first moved in. Plus he would go nuts if he heard a lamb on TV and would run round the TV trying to find it. He has learnt how to go up and down stairs and has discovered squeaky toys. He is very responsive to me but totally ignores everyone else - which can be a bit embarrassing! He loves to chase after balls - which he follows by sound. Oh and he can be trusted off lead - you wouldn't guess he can't see. More later :)

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Re: Introducing me and Ben

Post by JudyN » Wed Dec 13, 2017 1:33 pm

Welcome! :D
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