First Post and Need Advice regarding the Giant Schnauzer

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First Post and Need Advice regarding the Giant Schnauzer

Post by giantschnauzerlover » Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:10 pm

Hello to all members

This is my first post and am quit excited to be part of a this forum.

A year ago I decided that I was ready to commit to the ownership of a dog and when I was deciding which breed would be right for me I choose the Giant Schnauzer as firstly I was brought up around them so feel settled with them, secondly I wanted a dog who I could have a very close bond with and a I know how close a GS bond is. also I wanted a dog who is reserved with people as I also liked the Golden retriever but when I read they LOVE everyone I knew they were not for me. I also wanted an active dog who will enjoy long walks, tracking, find the toy game and more. and I have read how Giant Schnauzers love to work with there owners. so once I decided on the GS in 2014 I then went to discover dogs here in the UK in 2014 to meet some in the flesh and was reading every book and every website I could find on the GS which was quit a lot of books I think I have read around 9 or more books . after spending months reading and meeting Giants in the flesh and mainly doing my homework.

with the knowledge I have learnt through reading up on the breed as well as my time at Discover dogs and crufts I feel like I am finally ready for my own GS but I am now not sure as I was talking to a man yesterday who was walking tow GS and I asked him about the breed and what it is like to raise a GS and he told me that he was glad he had a German shepherd first as he does not think GS are a first dog at all and that you would need to own a dog breed like a German or Labrador first so you know what to do when you get a GS.

after this I started thinking and have even put the question in Google and have found many websites saying the same, so I wanted to ask you all if the Giant Can work for the first time owner or not?

if not why? why are Giants considered a bad choice for a Newbie as I have done my research and know what I am getting into and am going to be going to training class's, I know how important socialization is for this breed as well as physical and mental exercise. I am so dedicated to the breed.

what do you all think. I am at home all day, I live alone and I have no kids and don't plan on having any in the future.

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Re: First Post and Need Advice regarding the Giant Schnauzer

Post by delladooo » Wed Dec 23, 2015 2:26 pm

Personally, I wouldn't say there's really such a thing as a 'first time owner' dog. Different people have different wants and priorities in their companion so it's more finding what works for you. I'd say if you're done your research, met the breed, spent time with them and found a good supportive breeder, there's no reason to exclude a breed based on your dog experience. No individual you get is going to be a perfect example of what that breed is anyway as there will always be little foibles that will trip you up but whether you pick a GS or something really 'easy', the quirks make the dog.

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Re: First Post and Need Advice regarding the Giant Schnauzer

Post by Ari_RR » Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:40 pm

My 2 cents - commitment can compensate for lack of experience... as well as setting realistic expectations on what can be achieved through training, and what will need to be managed.

My first dog is an extra large stubborn sighthound, and to make things a bit more challenging we decided against neutering, while living where there are very few intact males. By no stretch of imagination he is a perfect or even easy dog when out in public. Doesn't like people very much, doesn't really care for dogs, still has sometimes a street thug attitude with other males even though he is 5 y.o... his adolescence was one long nightmare, and we probably made lots and lots of mistakes, including dog parks when he was growing up... Unreliable recall, coupled with the strong conviction that humans shouldn't need much supervision during walks, and it's perfectly OK to just wonder away for a while following a scent, and come back 10-15 min later :roll:

So what? He is an absolute delight at home, and when we go out - we manage around the limitations or lack of training success.. We don't usually meet/greet leashed males, but it's not that difficult to spot them coming and keep distance or cross the street.... he doesn't get to run off leash often, but we walk on 50 ft long leash and that makes our walks fun with lots of sniffing and following tracks and such things.

So, we do the best we can on training, and we manage the rest... If you have tolerance for imperfections, and don't get bothered by possible critique you may get from others for having an imperfect dog - hey, if one loves a particular breed, waiting for 10-12 year until you get experience with another breed would be a tough proposition for me to take ;-)

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Re: First Post and Need Advice regarding the Giant Schnauzer

Post by JudyN » Thu Dec 24, 2015 5:02 am

The danger of having an 'easy' first dog is that you think you know how to 'do dogs' and get even more of a shock when you get a more challenging dog. My first (and current) dog, Jasper, had some quite severe issues and I did struggle to get to grips with them and work out what worked for us. If my next dog has similar issues (oh please God no :lol: ) I know I'll do a much better job and save myself a lot of heartache, but if I'd had a less challenging dog first I'd probably still have struggled with Jasper.

But some puppy behaviour is pretty universal and i think would always be easier with a second-time dog - mouthing and jumping up spring to mind, both of which you probably need to get a handle on quickly with a breed like the GS. You really do develop an instinct for dealing with these, just like changing gear becomes second nature but is difficult when you first learn to drive. So I do disagree slightly with Ari, but I also agree with him that if your heart is calling out for a GS, it would be a shame to deny yourself that.

Several of the breed descriptions I've read for GSs describe them as 'dominant'. This term is now regarded as incorrect in that context - it is a descriptor for who gets what resource in a specific situation, not a character trait - and I do wonder if some of the books you have read are outdated in how they recommend GSs should be trained. Be wary of any that refer to 'status reduction', showing the dog you are leader, and so on. Many old-school trainers would have regarded my dog as 'very dominant' and it was only once I decided that positive training was the way forward that things really started to work and I could enjoy him and make him the best dog he could be.
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Re: First Post and Need Advice regarding the Giant Schnauzer

Post by giantschnauzerlover » Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:14 am


thank you everyone for your help and advice. I have decided to go with my heart and get a giant when im ready thank you so much.

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