Cocker spaniel aggression

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Cocker spaniel aggression

Post by Andreak70 » Tue Aug 04, 2015 4:25 pm

In need of some advice our 7 month old working cocker spaniel went for my 5 year old son on Sunday while he was stroking her and tonight Tuesday she did the same to my older daughter while she was stroking her the dog was fine with the affection but then just suddenly snarled and bit her arm.
She is exercised regularly I take her training and spend time training her at home also trying to keep her stimulated but don't know why she is showing this aggression.
She doesn't like to be approached when she is in her bed and will snap but on this occasion she was not in her and just attacked while being petted!

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Re: Cocker spaniel aggression

Post by Nettle » Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:31 am

I'm so glad you have come here - welcome :)

You do need a good behaviourist to see your set-up at home and give detailed advice. Avoid anyone using terms like alpha, dominance, pack leader or cocker rage.

Your pup is saying she does not want to be petted at that time in that way. Your children are too young to 'speak dog' and are at risk of being injured. This is not a bad dog but one that has had to rack up her communication because nobody is listening to her more subtle objections.

This is straightforward to manage but you do need someone there who can see what is going on and translate it for you, and also who can give appropriate advice on your dog's exercise and feeding etc. A vet can't do this unless they also have a qualification in behaviour management.

We can help up to a point, and are very willing to, but to keep everyone safe, you need someone there in person to help you through this.
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Re: Cocker spaniel aggression

Post by Dibbythedog » Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:53 am

I'm sorry to hear this , it must be very upsetting for you all.

You really need to see a behaviourist . Whereabouts roughly do you live?

Has she had a season yet ? She could be coming into heat.
Dogs often give off subtle signals when they have had enough petting which don't get picked by the children petting them.
I'm sure Victoria has written a blog about children and dogs , perhaps you could search her blog for it.
For now , tell your children not to pet her or approach her in her basket until you have found a good qualified behaviourist,

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