Positive influence of a female chapperone?

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Positive influence of a female chapperone?

Post by Ari_RR » Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:28 am

Point 1: In general, Ari's on-leash encounters with unknown large males can be a hit or miss, so we usually ignore big boys when we walk through neighborhood.

Point 2: There is this lab-girl with whom Ari gets along exceptionally well, and whenever we run into her and her human, we let the dogs play a little bit on someone's from lawn, and they are super friendly and totally enjoy each other, each time greeting each other like long lost friends with a lot of hugging and wagging and play bowing and in general good attitude.

Point 3: This morning, we met the lab-girl, who was walking together with a large pitbull boy. And after a short greeting between all 3 dogs, Ari and the pit-boy were playing, quite friendly, no tension whatsoever.. Which is, honestly, not common when Ari and another big boy meet on-leash. Which made me think - could it be the positive inflence of the nice and friendly lab-girl?

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