Food timing

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Food timing

Post by Shalista » Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:10 pm

I'm concerned because Bax is up to his old tricks. He won't eat unless I'm in the room for extended periods of time. Normally this is fine but I'm back in school. While i'd like to get up hours in advance to sit at my computer and chill while he eats breakfast this isn't always possible. I get home around 5 and find his food bowl still full. he polishes it off well enough once I'm home but I'm wondering if i should alter his dinner at all given that he just ate his breakfast. Should I delay dinner? (usually it's at 8 ). Should I feed him less at dinner? I don't want to throw off his schedule anymore but i don't know if it would affect his appetite or digestion to eat both his meals within hours of each other.
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