Dog HATES getting picked up, whats wrong?

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Dog HATES getting picked up, whats wrong?

Post by TheBealge » Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:12 pm

So, whenever my dog needs a bath, I bath him in the laundry room tub. Its just big enough for him, and he can turn around, but it's a little smaller
than his crate. He hates getting wet, and so he hates baths. I try to give him lots of treats when he is getting a bath, but he refuses to eat them. The tub is elevated off the ground, so I need to pick him up to get him in the tub. Normally, he's fine with this, but now he struggles and even tried to bite me. I have to put a muzzle on him so I can lift him up. Is his stomach hurt? Is he just afraid of the water? Am I holding him wrong? He has a little lump on his chest. Thank you for reading.
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Re: Dog HATES getting picked up, whats wrong?

Post by Nettle » Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:50 am

Good for you for asking - thank you :)

Dogs HATE being picked up. Some dogs learn to like it because nice things follow. Many dogs have to tolerate it. Given the choice they'd ask never to be picked up again. Instinctually and in race memory, the only time a dog is picked up is just before it is killed. You would hate to be swung off the ground in the grip of a mighty dinosaur.

Most dogs hate being bathed. Most dogs don't ever need to be bathed. It isn't good for them. Is there a reason you have to bath yours so much?

So - put these bits of information together. Your dog is picked up (aaargh) and then bathed (argghhhh). Two horrible things happening in succession.

That's why he struggles and growls. But struggling and growling haven't helped him, so he racks up to the next level, which is bite. So you muzzle him because you don't want to be bitten (who does?) and carry on. He isn't taking treats any more than you would be interested in a cream bun while in the jaws of that dino. He's that upset.

It is sensible to bath him if you really must in an elevated container, as you are doing. But really - it is no wonder he is bitterly unhappy by being hoisted up and forced into baths. I don't know about the lump on his chest - have you had it checked out?

If he has rolled in something disgusting, just spot-wash the yukky bits. Rub some totato sauce in first, then wipe clean with warm soapy water and a cloth.

If you decide (now you know how he is feeling) that you still want to bath him, then accept that this is how it is always going to be for him. After you have lifted him out of the bath and dried him (most dogs enjoy being dried) then give lots of treats.
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