Flea and worming

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Flea and worming

Post by doglover4ever » Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:48 am


my sister has recently brought home her bullmastiff puppy. Elsa (named after Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen) is 10weeks already however my sister has something she would like me to ask on here.

she brought Elsa home at 8weeks and she was due to be wormed at 10weeks she has been wormed today and my sister wanted to know how long would worming last for puppy and adult for when Elsa gets older. the vet said every 2-3months but her neighbour said every 2 weeks? how long dose wormer last for puppies and adults? she is not due to be flea yet but wanted to know the same thing how often should she flea Elsa when older as the breeder said she fleas her dogs every 2months the same with worming?

How often should a dog be flea or wormed? (for fleas she said she will be using a spot on treatment)

Many thanks

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Re: Flea and worming

Post by JudyN » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:27 pm

Whatever brand she uses, the packaging - or the product website - should tell her how often to use them. Worming every two weeks doesn't sound right to me!

I deflea once a month, and send a stool sample off for a worm check every three months. Or at least, I make a note in my calendar to do so, but it can be a week or more before I get round to it.

A lot of people now try to avoid using unnecessary chemicals and/or only treat when there is a problem. I tried this with flea treatment but we got an infestation (probably the cat's fault rather than the dog) so use chemicals for that. But I haven't wormed him for round a year now and the Wormcount checks have always come back negative. Maybe something she might want to consider in the future.
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Re: Flea and worming

Post by Nettle » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:35 pm

Up to 16 weeks should be wormed fortnightly unless the wormer instuctions say differently.

After that, 3 monthly until a year old, then I worm twice yearly unless I see evidence of worms. However that last interval is between me and my vet so I am not offering those figures as set in stone.

This is for round and tapeworms. If there are specific other worms in your area that require different treatment, then follow advice on wormer/from vet.

Be very careful with flea treatments for baby puppies and again go by manufacturers' instructions. Personally I wouldn't treat for fleas unless pup had them. And whatever meds you give, always check out the manufacturers' warning sheets first because sometimes vets are not up to date.

never ever give worm and flea treatments in the same week unless it's an all-in-one product. And never vaccinate the same week either. If pup is at all off colour, delay treatment until well again.
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