How long can you leave a puppy in a crate?

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How long can you leave a puppy in a crate?

Post by TheBealge » Sat Jul 04, 2015 3:54 pm

I fell in love with a Doberman puppy at a shelter, but I don't know how long they can be left home alone. I would be gone from home 3-5 hours a day and I would be able to play with him for a hour when I get back. He would be left in a crate when I am gone, but I would give him a kong that is filled with treats and a rope toy when is in the crate. I have another dog so they should be able to play in the back yard when I am home but I am unable to play. The puppy is 3 months old. Do you think he would be able to stand being left home alone?
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Re: How long can you leave a puppy in a crate?

Post by Nettle » Sun Jul 05, 2015 2:53 am

I think you should concentrate on the dog you already have. :)

Any puppy needs loads of time, work and energy, but a Dobe is going to grow into a dog that will need a dedicated commitment to exercise. Also you would need a lot of work to keep your existing dog happy and fulfilled even while you work with the puppy. Playing together in the yard sounds cute but it is a myth. It doesn't replace walks, and the chances are they won't want to play together anyway, being way different in breed type and mindset. Anyone taking on a puppy needs an extra four hours in the day just for the puppy.
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