Has anyone had experience with this condition?

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Has anyone had experience with this condition?

Post by lucyandbella » Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:27 pm

I have a friend who adopted a border collie lab mix and it has cystinuria. It's a genetic condition that causes cysteine to not be processed normally and crystals to form into stones in the bladder. He had to have several surgeries already to remove these stones, some of them emergency surgeries. He then had a surgery that basically changes how he urinates, it's called scrotal urethrostomy for anyone interested. This all occurred before she got him. When she adopted him Supposedly that surgery would let the stones pass....well she has had to already take him in twice, once at 3am to an emergency vet for surgery. Now he is on a medication that was extremely hard to get that is suppose to help dissolve these stones.

She believes a low protein diet (which from my research online that is recommended) would help him the most. She was feeding basically a vegetarian kibble. Then found it had just as much cysteine in it. Now she is trying to feed him basically a mixture of vegetables and other foods herself. I'm concerned he won't be getting all his nutrients. And as someone who things dogs primarily need a meat based diet, and will be switching to raw soon....I'm hesitant to think this could be good for the dog.

Does anyone know about this condition? And what to feed a dog with it? Maybe he truly needs a vegetable based diet. Surgery every couple months is not ideal either.

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Re: Has anyone had experience with this condition?

Post by Nettle » Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:02 am

If she is in UK there is a vet called Richard Allport who has had success using natural remedies to prevent crystals reforming. He is good on diet as well.
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