To neuter and when to neuter..

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Re: To neuter and when to neuter..

Post by ClareMarsh » Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:30 am

Ted is 3, I don't believe he really stopped maturing until he was 2 1/2. Of course this is just my observation and might be complete nonsense but that's how I see it, and Ted is of course a toy breed who supposedly mature more quickly :roll:

Do you know where you will end up living exactly. If not perhaps it is worth waiting until you move and seeing how it goes for a few months before making a decision. Unless of course it is difficult to get a dog neutered in Norway, in which case that is an added complication.

Sorry I've been no help :lol:

If it's any consolation I walk at quiet times because having tiny dogs I don't need larger ones bounding over and bouncing all over my two. I also don't stand around at the beach whilst all the dogs romp around the beach carefree (unless it's out of season as most of the local dogs (mostly intact) are well mannered). In fact I don't particularly have a desire to do this, I can't see how it's that much different to turning up without a dog and chatting to the dog owners then leaving :lol: In these scenarios the intact or not nature of the dogs is just one element of what makes it safe for your and other people's dogs. I think at the point where you start to understand dog body language there are very few such gatherings you'd want to leave your dog in for any length of time. I often sit off the beach with my two and watch these gatherings with fascination at how much less than desirable behaviour owners miss.
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Re: To neuter and when to neuter..

Post by Sanna » Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:49 am

rnor1120 wrote:For what it's worth - personality wise, neutering really doesn't change the dog's personality. Every dog I've ever neutered has been pretty much the same before and after. I had Chance as an entire male for several months before I was able to neuter him, and really nothing changed. Well, alright so he mayyyyybe got a little easier to train, but I also can't prove that it wasn't about the timing of our training either... He was still aggressive to other dogs, still a mush around me, still leery of strange people.

I was always taught that neutering doesn't solve any behavioral problems, only appropriate training will. It may help reduce male-on-male aggression, but that's not definitive.
Thank you for a vets point of view :D

What I'm struggling with is not neutering with the expectation to change behaviour, like you say and the more I read it seems neutering rarely impacts behaviour much (at least not positively) but the male/male issue is part of it and it seems the jury is still out on that one and I would guess it also depends very much on the individual dog as well.

It's what if I neuter for the 'right' reasons and it impacts behaviour negatively (e.g. becoming more fearful for example, which would certainly make things worse not remotely better..)?
rnor1120 wrote:That being said (and this is my own personal experience), intact males are far more boisterous than neutered ones. I think a lot depends though, on the type of people who choose to keep their dogs intact in my region (and I highly emphasize "in my region").
That is, I think, a very valid point that is often overlooked ;)

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Re: To neuter and when to neuter..

Post by JudyN » Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:15 am

Round here not many males are entire and from my experience, and that of other people in the area, neutered dogs are more likely to be aggressive towards entire dogs than neutered ones (I can't say whether entire males are also more likely to be aggressive to other entire males as we don't meet many). So round here, neutering would make a dog less likely to be attacked. But in Jasper's case, he only really has an issue with young unneutered males. This may be because their testosterone is higher than older ones, or possibly that mature entire males have an air of calm (as opposed to cocky) confidence that makes him decide not to mess with them. (Jasper was neutered far too early, at 10 months, but in mitigation we were pretty much at crisis point.)

My guess would be that round here neutering would make very little difference to Precious's behaviour but make it less likely that other dogs would go for him. No idea about how it would pan out in an area where most dogs were entire though.
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Re: To neuter and when to neuter..

Post by Sanna » Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:21 am

Thanks for all you input guys. We're not in a rush to decide, but before we do I figure the more I know and have the pros and cons sorted in my head the better.

If we were to go ahead I would get it done over here; partly because they probably wouldn't do it in Norway (like I said, medical reasons only) and also I'm thinking it would be better to do it well in advance of the move so he'd only have to deal with one stressful event at the time.

We do know what area we'll be in, just not when. It is a bit more rural so it's more than likely we'll regularly come across dogs taking themselves for a walk, as generally people are a bit less vigilant about keeping their dogs contained than those living in the cities (less worried about traffic etc I guess, and dogs are kept outside more so it's easier for them to escape if they put their minds to it..).

Being over there it did worry me a bit how P seemed to feel the need to put every male he laid eyes on well and truly in it's place, but then the novelty side of it is a very good point.
Obv over here entire males are the exception rather than the rule, he is not used to seeing many and most neutered males we see automatically seem to be pretty submissive to him now (without him doing anything) so I guess he's a bit put out when he meets entire males who not only smell all 'strong and manly' but also don't automatically surrender to his awesomeness.. :roll: :lol:
whereas over there the neutered ones will be the odd ones out; so maybe he would be more relaxed once he adjusted to being surrounded by his 'equals'- I have no idea :?:

The other side of it is how other males react to him, if they have a pop at him first (neutered or not, even if it's just a little grumble) he will retaliate and quite spectacularly so.. I think it's mainly for show and because I'm careful with him I don't know for sure if he would really hurt the other dog, but I'd rather not find out to be honest!

So the current status is it's extremely likely that an entire male will have a go at him, but a neutered male much less so. If that were to be the same in Norway it'd be very problematic as that'd be pretty much 50% of all dogs- but then on the other hand because entire males there are used to other entire males they might be more likely to react unfavourably to a neutered one?

I wonder if it's worth finding out if they do the implant in Norway, if they do then we could wait and see but we'd have that as an option if circumstances demanded we take action to prevent scores of little Precious's..?

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