Annual Vet Visit for multiple dogs - how we do it.

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Annual Vet Visit for multiple dogs - how we do it.

Post by Swanny1790 » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:58 am

With a bit of down time here at work, I've been putting together my list of 'needs' for our annual trip to town for routine veterinary work. I have 12 dogs that need rabies vaccinations (11 of them 3 year product, 1 of them a 1 year first puppy vax). 1 dog also needs an ID microchip, and 1 needs blood drawn for thyroid screening.

13 will need their core vaccinations, but that will follow the vet visit by a month as that list also includes some of the dogs who will be receiving rabies vax.

All 20 need general deworming with a product that is also effective against tapeworms as most have been guilty of 'dietary indiscretions' over the course of the summer, doing their part to thin out the population of voles that frequent the dog yard. Voles are notorious carriers of tapeworms in my region.

Some may ask how does one keep track of so many dogs? The easy answer is good record keeping, which I recommend for any dog owner. Even if you only have 1 dog it can be difficult to remember when vaccinations may be due or illnesses that should be noted during a routine well-dog examination.

Each dog in our kennel has a veterinary history file that includes a recent photo of the dog, date of birth (or adoption), ID chip number and a chronological list of every health issue or veterinary procedure done through the course of the dog's lifetime. If I have to dash off to the vet's in an emergency (it's about a 40 minute drive) I can Email the record to my vet as we're heading out the door, and it's also backed up in hard copy in a file for each dog so in a dire situation I can just grab the file box as we're loading up.
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