Why Fennel Seeds are very useful?

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Why Fennel Seeds are very useful?

Post by shreeganesh » Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:10 am

Fennel seeds are very pleasant- smelling seeds with yellow flowers. They are used as herbs in many of delicious tasting
food dishes. Apart from its fragrance, it is more useful to many purpose especially for health. Below are some of the uses of it.

- It is very much useful to solve the digestive issues like intestinal gas, visual problems, cholera, coughs etc.
- Very few people know that fennel is used more by women to increase the quantity breast milk. Also for easing birth processes, and also for menstruation cycle activities.
- The powder form Fennel is major used during snakebites as a poultice.
- In many of the materials, it uses as the great flavouring agent.

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