How to stop constant barking

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Re: How to stop constant barking

Post by Erica » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:30 pm

Be a complete and utter annoying brat about this if you need to - bug and nag and constantly, CONSTANTLY complain about Fiona's behavior (and suggest ways to improve it). I'm assuming from your posts that you don't have the option of going and getting a muzzle for Fiona to walk her safely? If you can, do. If you can't, as I said, complain, nag, annoy! If that's the only way to get your mom to listen to you, well, it's to improve the life of a dog that can't speak for herself, no matter how hard she tries!

What size (or better yet, breed) of dog is Fiona, and your dog? Ages?

My day in your house would go something like this.
"Good morning Mom. Will you finally let poor prisoner Fiona out of the house today, or has her unjust sentence been extended?"
"Oh, I'm bored. I bet Fiona's even more bored, because you won't let her out of the house."
"Gosh, Fiona's really loud today! I think she's trying to tell you she's bored and hyper and needs a walk!"
"If you don't get Fiona a muzzle by Thursday, I'm just going to take her on a walk anyway." (I'd only use this one if you're capable of handling Fiona, physically).
"Oh, dinnertime! I bet Fiona wishes she could have a different thing to eat every day. She must get so bored by her always-the-same life."
"Good night! I hope I'll be able to sleep through poor Fiona's desperate attempts to tell you that SHE'S BORED AND NEEDS A WALK EVERY DAY."
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