The fence screen has arrived, now what?

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The fence screen has arrived, now what?

Post by MPbandmom » Sat Aug 14, 2010 8:03 am

The reed fence screen, that I ordered to replace the black plastic on my fence to keep Sirius from charging the fence and barking at everything, has arrived. I am somewhat dissapointed though. From an angle, it does appear solid, but from straight on, one can see right through it. Granted the view straight through is somewhat obstructed, but is still clear enough to recognize objects on the other side.

So far, I only have one section up, as it has rained for the past couple of days, but I am concerned that once all sections are up, Sirius will simply run along the fence keeping herself at the appropriate angle to keep whatever she feels like chasing in sight. :? She will sometimes go over to the one section of fence and take a look, although she doesn't seem to spend as much time staring out of the fence as she did before any view blocking items were employed. I have been taking treats out with me and encouraging her to stick close, so I'm not yet sure whether she is spending less time looking out of the fence than in the past because of that, or if the view is obstructed enough that it just isn't as interesting. We also haven't been out when any dogs have gone by, which normally results in her highest level of reaction.

Other than figuring some way to put the black plastic up behind the reed fence screen, are there any other suggestions for distracting her from the fence?
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