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Re: Training Treats

Post by dontpugme » Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:59 pm

I read in a book somewhere that it was okay to give cherrios. Someone please tell me if this is okay because it works really well. They are easy to handle and the perfect size. Sometimes I will use cheese as a treat, but max is starting to look pudgy so I'm not doing that right now. When I train at the dog park and max is distracted I use cheap turkey hotdogs. I use moistened kibble and diced carrots at home. He vomits with peanut butter sometimes so we stopped that. If I'm eating a cup of applesauce, I'll make him down stay from really far before I've openned it. When I'm done and if he listened he gets to lick the applesauce cup. We always buy sugar free plain sauce. Are cherries okay, because my mom really likes them and we tend to drop them without noticing until we see max grab them. He never eats the seed though. We have a pear tree in our backyard and when it's the right season we get a bunch of pears. A lot of the pears end up falling and max eats them. Is this okay?

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