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Post by Shalista » Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:24 pm

Does anyone else have any experience with their sizing? this is their chart

XXS (neck 9.5-13", barrel 11-17", approx. 5-11 lbs)
XS (neck 11-12.5", barrel 13-17", approx. 12-17 lbs)
S (neck 13-16", barrel 16.5-23", approx. 18-25 lbs)
M (neck 16-23.5", barrel 21.5-32", approx. 25-64 lbs)
L (neck 22-28", barrel 27-43", approx. 60-85 lbs)
XL (neck 23.5-34", barrel 29-46.5", approx. 85-140 lbs)

i emailed them because Bax's no longer fits despite being on the loosest setting. He's about 12 pounds now and its getting difficult to clip the back buckle. I wanted to know what size he was so i could order the next size up.

She said he has an XS.

wut? he should be good up to SEVENTEEN pounds. this thing should be so loose its falling off him. i mean ill be the first to admit hes broad chested but hes no English Bulldog. what gives?
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Re: Ttouch

Post by Erica » Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:09 pm

Build plays a lot into it. Delta is 45 lbs but only two inches shorter than the 90lb dog we dogsit, and I have harnesses that easily fit both because she's not too much bigger around than him at the chest. She's longer, though, and has more weight around her back and legs.

Think of an English Bulldog puppy -- when they're the same girth as Bax, they are still going to weigh a good bit more because they have a lot more chunk around legs, neck, face, and hindquarters, none of which really factor into harness sizing. Weight is less helpful for harnesses than the physical measurements. :) If you sent them the neck/barrel measurements, their advice should be accurate.
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