Front-attached harnesses and multiple dogs

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Siw-Malin Bye
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Front-attached harnesses and multiple dogs

Post by Siw-Malin Bye » Mon Mar 17, 2014 3:21 pm

I wonder if any of you have tried front-attached harnesses when walking more than one dog, and what your experience is?

I have six dogs, 3xRottweiler, 2xStaffordshire bull terrier and 1 Brussel Griffon, and the Brussel Griffon pulls my arms out :lol: (not).

They are really nice dogs and walks nice on the lead. I want a tool that will work if their obedience don't. Now, I use Halti headcollar on the Rottweilers when we are walking in places where there is alot of people and dogs. But I do not like to have them attached by their head/neck, they do not pull on the Halti, but sometimes they trip in their leash etc.

Does a front-attached harness work when multiple dogs walk next to each other in front of me. Lets say one dog has its leash on his right side, and the dog to the right has his leash on his left side, will they just get "pulled into each other" and the harness loose its effect?

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