Preventing Chewing

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Re: Preventing Chewing

Post by thabs » Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:20 pm

We are still working on the crate for sure! He sleeps in it at night and does well as long as my husband and I are around or another dog is in the room. The main stress and problems come when he is left alone in the crate in the house he just goes nuts! When he needs to be kenneled over night we will be taking him to a great place that has larger separate rooms for all the dogs where they can have their beds and other comforts from home and they have 24 hour staff at the facility to care for the dogs. My sister in law and brother in law have been taking their Aussie there for a few years and he loves it so we know the facility is great and he will be well taken care of when we have to take him in! He won't have to stay there much and hopefully he won't have to be at the vet's office overnight for any reason any time soon!

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Re: Preventing Chewing

Post by mariareese » Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:26 am

You're right about the walking, we tried to follow the 10mins per month of age rule. Has he tried to chew any of the huge stuff yet? We didn't really use any of the sprays and pretty much hoped for the best, and the damage wasn't too bad.

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