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Re: Martingale?

Post by gwd » Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:50 am

Erica wrote:You could make him a martingale collar with a buckle as well. That way you don't have to slip it over his head. I have seen plastic buckles of various sizes (and colors!) at craft stores recently, with the paracord supplies.
premire makes one that has a snap buckle. the pictures I posted seem to not still be posted (yeah, I hotlinked) but the links should still work.

I use the premire snap buckle martingale for agility

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Re: Martingale?

Post by DianeLDL » Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:32 pm

We bought Sandy a Martingale collar, but I didn't like it. He had no problem getting it over his head, but after using it for one day, I noticed that the chain was causing an irritation on his skin on the underside of his neck. So, off it came. Also, when I read the instructions, it said that it shouldn't be used as a regular collar as the chain can get caught on thongs and could choke him.

The collar that I had made for him didn't have the right hardware. The D-ring split on us so it is now off so I need to hook the leash around the fabric which is now totally unstable. The slider for adjusting the size isn't the right size and the collar is always stretching out.

So, back to the starting point. I will need to make a new collar and have decided that I will need to make my own harness. It is so hard trying to find something that fits him properly and that doesn't feel like a jacket to him since he hates to have clothes on him.

So, I won't be able to make anything until we get back to Albuquerque.

Sandy, Chihuahua mix b. 12/20/09

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Re: Martingale?

Post by GoChiBlackhawks » Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:55 pm

To be honest, I didn't read all of these responses because I'm just taking a short break from my studies but I thought I'd throw in my own two cents.

I was first introduced to martingale collars as a kid because we adopted and fostered greyhounds. They were used mostly for greyhounds/sight hounds and are thus sometimes called a "greyhound collar." I'm pretty sure that is isn't until recently that they've started being used with all breeds.

I have noticed that you have to be careful with martingales because there are some brands/companies that market them as "humane choke" collars. These are often still built with some metal chain parts to them, but the chain does not go all the way around the neck, just the martingale loop. From what I understand, though I have never used one of these chain ones, is that there is no stop mechanism to them and they function much like a regular choke collar.

A true martingale collar, when fitted correctly, will stop constricting at about the two-finger point in between the two sides of the collar. A little hard to explain, but I'll soon post a link that will illustrate it better. Essentially, the dog cannot back out or slip out of the collar because it is too narrow for it to fit its head through, but also won't choke the dog.

I love them and use them for my German Shorthaired Pointer (and most likely other future dogs!). I recently found ones that have buckles! I LOVED this because in the event that my dog got caught on something, like a fence, he would never stop struggling to free himself in order for me to help him, it's against natural instincts! With the buckle, I could release the collar and help him.

Here's the link: ... Martingale. I recommend AT LEAST 1.5 inches width (depending on the size of the dog of course) because the greater surface area will result in less pain or damage in the event that the collar is too tight. I have a 1.5 inch on my dog and it's great!

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Re: Martingale?

Post by Wes » Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:05 am

I use the chain one with my Catahoula and a fabric one with my Doberman. If fitted properly, the chain one is no different than the all-fabric ones. You just have to adjust the sizing and it works the same. The 'Houla sometimes manages to chew through the fabric loop, so he has the chain.

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