Biting lead while on walks

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Biting lead while on walks

Post by LouiseJB » Tue Sep 14, 2010 8:50 am

My pup is 13 weeks old and has been allowed out on walks since Friday evening - we have, therefore, taken her out everyday - at least two or three times on fairly short walks.
The first few times the outings were very sucessful and we met various people, dogs, pups and cats etc as well as bikes!

For the past 3 walks Bella has held the lead in her mouth (trying to walk herself) and squeaking very quietly. She is very (very) glad to get back home. She also jumps up, for what seems like reassurance, fairly frequently.
She doesnt seem to have been particularly frightened on the walks although she is a bit wary - I would consider this fairly normal?

Do you think this is all okay?

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Re: Biting lead while on walks

Post by jakey2010 » Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:58 pm

Hi There,
My Choccie lab is now 9 months old, but when he was very young and just learning to walk out, he used to do exactly the same. He still does it if he gets very tired and wants to go home . You have to remember your puppy is very young, think of all the new things she is having to learn to about. When we first took Jake out he would stop and refuse to move, but with lots of praise he got over it and now loves his walks. Take it very slowly and keep the walks very very short to start with, I bet within a few weeks she'll be fine and looking forward to going out :D

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Re: Biting lead while on walks

Post by maximoo » Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:07 pm

perhaps you need to shorten the walks a little. Also leash biting ( & DESTROYING) can become an annoying habit. Get A chain leash to eliminate leash biting now. You can get a nice leather leash (which shld last for years)after teething stage is over.

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Re: Biting lead while on walks

Post by DinosaurHolly » Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:44 pm

When Holly grabbed the leash while on a walk (or especially a run), we would immediately come to a stop. Once she let go of the leash, we'd start going again. She caught on pretty quickly. However, she grabbed the leash because she was excited (or because, with the slack, it kept slapping her in her side as we ran lol), not because she was afraid or anything.

How long are your walks - I recall a rule of thumb that walks should be about 5 minutes for each month of age? So, your walks should be limited to about 15 minutes. Sounds like the first few might have been too much stimulation too - how many dogs, cats, bikes, people, etc did you meet, and how did she react with them?

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Re: Biting lead while on walks

Post by emmabeth » Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:20 pm

I think walks are more stressful for her than you realise here.

Things to do: give her a small toy she can carry instead of the leash. Keep the walks down to 10 minutes (feel free to do a few more of them a day, butkeep them short).
Walk a little, give her plenty of rewards. Let her stop and sniff the 'pee-mail'. Avoid scary things (and if you dont know whats scary out there.... go lie on your stomach on the sidewalk/pavement (dependant on country you live in!) and see what the world REALLY looks like from down there! Its not so nice! - so when theres slightly scary stuff like a loud truck or a person walking by - get as far away as you can then stop and give her lots of nummy treats (tiny little treats that are really high flavour, like cheese spread in a tube, meat paste from a jar, tiny bits of cheese or livercake) so that she associates walks with really NICE things, and they are never overwhelming or go on longer than she can really handle.
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Re: Biting lead while on walks

Post by LouiseJB » Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:23 am

Thanks so much for the replies - I think you're right. The first walk was so successful that we made some of the others a bit too long.

She has reacted quite well to other animals that she has met - a little wary of larger breeds - especially if they are confident and boisterous but fine with small ones and cats. She particularly likes to meet people.
That is a great suggestion to let her carry a toy.
We do give her treats - every time she stops to "sit" at the side of the road but I think she may need more reasurrance in treat form.

Will see how we get on.

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Re: Biting lead while on walks

Post by leslie123 » Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:07 pm

My puppy is 16 weeks old and I was advised (here and by my vet) to only walk about 5 mins per month of age and even a little less for a large breed which mine is. I'm not sure how long you are walking, but that was a revelation for me. He also used to bite at the leash quite a bit but rarely does it anymore. When he does its because he's frustrated or tired even though he looks like he's playing. I use a little distraction and then get him back inside whenever it happens. I'm no expert, just passing on my own experiences. :) Hope it helps.

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