Guidelines for posting in here:

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Guidelines for posting in here:

Post by emmabeth » Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:33 pm

To help you get the best and most accurate answers I thought I would do a 'guidelines' sticky here. These are not hard and fast rules and no one will be in trouble for not sticking to them 100%, its just to help new posters get the best possible responses to their posts.

1/Include as much detail as possible - even if you think maybe it isn't relevant, its better to have too much detail than not enough.

Details we like include how long your dog is left for, how much exercise they get each day and what form of exercise this is, what training you have done and what training do you do on a daily/weekly basis. What your dog is fed on and when, what breed/breed mix your dog is. What the problem is and when that problem occurs, who your dog lives with and interacts with regularly.

So for example a first post that says simply
'My dog Mr Dog barks and pees in the house, help'.
This isnt all that helpful. If the post read:
I have a 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle, he is left alone for 6 hours each day, walked for 20 minutes every evening, has free access to Mr Dog Yummy Bits dry food and gets a spoonful of tinned meat in the evevnings. He lives in a 5th floor apartment with myself and my wife and my three children (ages 3, 5 and 7). We play ball with him in the house and he was taught how to sit, down, and wait using treats/clicker. He sleeps on our bed when we are home and stays loose in the house when we are gone.

Recently he has started weeing up doorframes and the corners of furniture and our neighbours say he barks when we are out at work, please can you help us to fix these problems."
Thats much much more information and we can really work with that. (Please note, I made those quotes up they are not from anyone on this board!)

2/Read the other threads especially the Articles section which has a lot of really useful information covered. We come across lots and lots of similar problems so things like toilet training, scent marking, pulling on the leash, reacting badly on the lead have been covered many times before.

This does not mean we do not want you to post - we do! but read those first, and then start your post and you can mention that you have read those articles and ask us how the methods/information in them can be applied to your situation and your dog. Whilst the same basic problems are incredibly common - everyones dog and everyones situation IS different so we can explain how you can adapt a method to suit you and your dog.

3/ Start your own thread rather than tacking your query onto the end of someone elses thread - this means that the regulars don't get confused and we ensure everyone gets the help they need.

4/Stick around and join in discussions in the General chat area, we are a friendly bunch and welcome newcomers!
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