how do i get him to come back to me?

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how do i get him to come back to me?

Post by **liz** » Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:47 am

morning everyone!

just a quick question!
Riley is 9 weeks old now and the biggest problem we have with him is getting him to come when he is called! i know that he is very young and doesnt understand properly but it is getting a bit annoying!

can anyone help?

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Re: how do i get him to come back to me?

Post by sez88 » Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:33 am

We were quite lucky with Charlie as he WANTED to stay with us all the time, even on walks, but then at about 4months he started to ignore us when we called him back.
I found that giving him a treat EVERY time we call him worked the best. We tried just giving a treat sometimes but then he didnt always come back, so as i sais we did it everytime. We still do this on walks, it doesnt have to be that great a treat, but he will come and sit and wait for his 'reward', you can use games too if your pup likes that kind of thing.
That still leaves the problem of getting him to actually come to you so he learns he will get a treat, to do that try lowering yourself to the floor, jump up and down, wave his favourite toy in the air, or even run in the other direction-it works for us!

Hope that helps :)
Enjoying life with our pup charlie...he had us at 'woof'!

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Re: how do i get him to come back to me?

Post by Mattie » Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:05 am

You have to give him a good reason to come to you, start in the same room as you are in when you call him, as he has learnt to ignore the word you use change it to another when teaching him recall. The word doesn't matter as long as he learns that it means "Come now, immediately" as you train him. Once he is 100% in the same room you can move on to other rooms. Dogs don't generalise so if he is 100% in the same room he won't be in other rooms, you have to reteach him.

Never call more than once, if you do you are teaching him to ignore you. I see so many dogs only come when the owner has called 2 or 3 times because they were taught that, the owners don't realise this. :lol:

Never call him when you know he won't come, if he is investigating something he won't hear you, if he is playing with another dog, he won't hear you.

If he is outside and won't come in to your first call, close the door and wait, he will come to the door, open it, give the command, if he goes away close the door. He will eventually walk into the house, you then give a very high reward and lost of praise.

Get his recall now, and his teenage hooligan years will be easier.

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Re: how do i get him to come back to me?

Post by Nettle » Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:07 am

A pup that young should want to be with you.

Tell us:

When you call him, why you call him, how you call him, what happens next?

Are you sure he can hear?

We should call pups with a specific command used for recall only (not Rover Rover Rover but Rover-here). We should not call for nothing. We should not call for anything the pup sees as unpleasant. We should always give a reward when the pup comes.

Tell us more and we can help :)
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