Throat Thumping

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Throat Thumping

Post by Nilesta » Sun Oct 04, 2009 8:58 pm

Morgan, again.

Not really a bad behavior, just weird. I'm not really concerned so much as curious.

She's started running randomly around an area, nose to the ground, sniffing. But not just sniffing, she's making this thumping sound in her throat, I think it's from the speed at which she's breathing in and out.

She's done it three times. The first time, at a park near our house. She hadn't been there before so I figured it was just excitement at all the new smells. She's now done it twice, today, in our front yard.

I know she's smelling /something,/ I just can't imagine what it would be, nor why she's so random about following it -- she'll stop and change direction mid-stride, or go in circles, or long lines. The sound is also weird, too. She's smelled new things before and never started making this thumping sound.

What is this behavior? And is it just some strange smell?

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Post by mselisabs » Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:22 pm

Sounds like my girl when we go to the nature park... she has a perfectly long muzzle but sounds like she's snorting because she is taking is so much air/smells. Sounds like you might have a new furry visitor in town... don't know where you live but I'd say keep an eye out for any foxes, groundhogs, etc!

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