New Weim pup is attached to older Weim

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New Weim pup is attached to older Weim

Post by StChristopher » Mon Nov 14, 2016 1:06 pm

I have a 15 mo old Weimaraner and a 13year old Weimaraner. We've had the puppy since October of last year. The older Weim tolerates the puppy reasonably well, they don't fight over food or toys - occasionally the older dog will growl if he's sufficiently annoyed, but they've never legitmately snapped at or hurt each other.

During the day, they both are confined to the sun room with the younger Weim further confined to a crate. This seems to suit them both - the older dog sleeps in a dog bed with access to food and water while the younger one sleeps in his crate.

Weather permitting I take them to an off leash dog park once or twice a week where the young Weim will run and interact with other dogs away from the older weim who tends to stay close to me (though he will acknowledge/sniff other dogs and people - he just doesn't go off running and playing with other dogs at his age). In addition, I will take the dogs for walks separate 3 mile walks around the neighborhood once or twice a week (the younger one is still getting used to leash walking and trying to control both at the same time is beyond me right now).

Finally, I take them to doggy day care twice a week, and here is where the problem lies. The daycare has open play - basically large areas where they let the dogs play freely (though supervised). They have noticed that the young weim wants to be with the older one all day. If they try to separate them into different pens (like a younger dog pen vs older dog pen) the younger weim gets extremely anxious.

Is this common among weims? I know that they tend to be more prone to separation anxiety from their owners and it is conceivable that they would transfer this to their animal companions, but I'm a little surprised given how the young one interacts with other dogs at the dog park.

I'm going to start taking them to the doggy daycare separately to see if the problem only manifests itself when the young one knows the older dog is around. But the reality is that the older dog only has a few years left, and I don't know how the younger one is going to react when he passes.

Any other tips regarding this behavior?

Thank you.

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Re: New Weim pup is attached to older Weim

Post by Suzette » Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:07 am

Hi, and welcome! I would suggest you move your question to the Dog Training Advice section. You will be sure to get some very helpful advice there. :)
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Re: New Weim pup is attached to older Weim

Post by JudyN » Wed Nov 16, 2016 9:13 am

I'll move it for you.....
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Re: New Weim pup is attached to older Weim

Post by Nettle » Wed Nov 16, 2016 1:19 pm

If a very sensitive young dog is getting comfort by being with your older dog IMO there would be nothing gained and potentially a great deal lost by separating them at daycare. I do see your point about how to manage when your older dog departs this world, but your younger dog will be older by then and one hopes also a lot more secure. It is much better to let the younger dog gain confidence in his own time.

However, it may help if you walk them separately a few times a week. Not off-lead in dog park but on-lead and mooch about just you and the dog. And our Exercise the Mind (see pinned thread in Health section) games at home are great for building confidence too.
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