foster dogs advice please

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foster dogs advice please

Post by nettyjen » Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:09 am

i am fostering 2 chihuahuas, gus is 2 and sully is 1. the story is the lady had gus and he was nervous so they got sully and gus is very attached to him. the lady has had to go in to sheltered housing and cant take them, her daughter doesn't want them because her boyfriend doesn't like dogs so they were handed over to rescue centre i foster for. sully is a happy friendly outgoing dog, he was from a breeder they met the mother. gus is a nervous wreck, wants to say hello to people but gets scared and barks and goes to nip, it took me 2 hours to get his lead off him when i got him home. he is the same with dogs, wants to play but gets nervous, barks and backs away, he was from a puppy farm.
i have managed to stop them barking at every noise they hear and am introducing gus to my friends and getting them to take it slow which is working, same with dogs. they eat poop theirs, the hamsters. they have not been toilet trained. following advice on the site and gus is now pad trained but sully is hit and miss. i cant always catch him. i live in a flat and have to go through a communal area to get outside so its a bit difficult. i am happy for them to be pad trained. i take them out regularly and have discovered that they need to poop an hour or so after dinner so thats when we go for a long walk. they have no recall and i am struggling with it. not had 2 dogs before so unsure the way to train them both. in the flat they come when i call but in garden they are a nightmare. because its a communal garden i have to be careful when i let them off lead as my nasty neighbour above me has 2 dogs and they are reactive so no good for gus. i need them to come back to me.
any advice would be great i am reading up on chihuahuas because i know hardly anything about the breed.

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