Dog geeting over excited and freaking out

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Dog geeting over excited and freaking out

Post by Cookie_LD » Mon Mar 21, 2016 5:39 pm


I have a pit bull mix and she's now about 10 months old. This is my first time teaching a dog tricks and she's a fast learner! We are getting a trainer to help us with her dog reactivity.

She's very playful and she loves to be petted and play with people. But this couple days she's developed a really scary habit.

There are some kids around our apartment that love to play with her and pet her. Since we live on ground floor, the kids often pass by the window and start to call her and ask us to let her out in the balcony to play with them. She initially sits quietly to go out but the longer we take to open the door, the more excited she gets (she keeps sitting but with tail wagging like crazy). I, then, put the leash and gentle leader on her (in case she tries to jump on the kids/the balcony) and I go out with her. I let her go out only if she's sitting and I ask her to sit to be petted/get treats from the kids.

However, today she got so excited and since the kid didn't pet her when she was sitting, she started biting the leash like crazy, growling and not letting go. Also, I was feeding her treats for being calm. So I dragged her back home, left her inside and closed the door. When she notices that she's alone, she lets go of the leash and sits. When she's sitting and calm, I bring her back outside.

However, she did that 3 times and the kid got kinda scared and I can't blame her. :(

She's really friendly, but she gets out of control and biting the leash like that when she's over excited. Do you have any advice? Should I keep bringing her inside when she does that or is there something more effective?

I will have the trainer by next month I think (I'm waiting for him to schedule me) but since the kids are here everyday To play with her, I want to see if I can do something soon.

Sorry for the long post!

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