in tears need advice

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in tears need advice

Post by meggit » Tue Mar 10, 2015 2:14 pm

sorry to bother you all again buddy (5 years old) was a very reactive dog didnt like other dogs didnt like strage noises didnt like a lot of things but with advice from on here and a lot of time and patience he became a lot better he learnt not to worry and would walk brilliantly on a lead could cope with other dogs as long as they didnt run at him and they wern't large and yellow lol any way i stopped walking buddy for a while as my OH had retired and i had a serious shoulder problem so it was easier and more stupid of me to hand the dog walking to him i showed my OH how to do it all any fast foreward to today thanks to pain meds and a good physio i tried to walk buddy tonight oh my god he was impossible he wouldnt walk at my side he kept pulling he was more dog reactive than he has ever been my OH says it was just me as he allways walked fine for him (yea right) OH is blaming the puppy for the problem well regarless whos fault or why i need to help buddy again to not feel like this ever since the walk hes been really upset hes growling at the pup (tilly) and is not a happy dog and to top it all tilly 13 weeks old has just been sick everywhere

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Re: in tears need advice

Post by Dibbythedog » Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:28 pm

Sorry to hear this . How long has it been since you walked Buddy?
Try not to panic,! Changes upset dogs and cause them to revert to previous behaviour but hopefully ,you should find that it wont take as long to bring him back to his good behaviour .

BTW I blame your husband too! I would follow him the next time he walks Buddy and catch him out. :lol:

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Re: in tears need advice

Post by Bonniebuster » Wed Mar 11, 2015 9:02 pm

Your dog sounds just like my girl who I am in the process of training using counter conditioning, and we make good progress one day and back another. She is a different dog when my husband walks her, and has a much calmer behaviour when he has on the lead to me.....ENERGY or what - I don't know. So may be what your husband is saying is correct!! It is so have my sympathy. :)

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Re: in tears need advice

Post by emmabeth » Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:59 pm

Just crawled outta my sick bed... I had the same problem, after OH walked the dogs for months I went back to it, and realised hes been letting them do all manner of stuff and the youngest, Womble, has NO RECALL! And has been taught that walkies = off lead chasing birds until you collapse in exhaustion! Joy!

Its fixable, it happens, don't worry!

*crawls back into sick bed* I promise I will come back when im better!
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