Jack Russell/Beagle nipping at peoples legs

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Jack Russell/Beagle nipping at peoples legs

Post by shannylove9 » Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:47 pm

I have a 4 year old jack russell/beagle mix (Zoey). She has always been ornery.. since she was a puppy. She's been to training-she knows all the tricks, and for the most part she is a very well behaved dog. However, she is very overly protective of me. If we go to a dog park she tries to stay at my feet and "protect/guard" me. This continues at home.. I have been trying to socialize her more with people. So if I have a friend over I let her out of my room to greet them, and give her a treat. She usually goes off by herself to eat her bone, then quietly comes back and sits in the room (seemingly well behaved). But at the first change she gets (usually when the guest is standing or walking around) she quietly walks over to them and bites/nips (or tries to bite if I catch her) their ankles or legs.

I am at a loss with what to do next. I want so badly for her to behave and I don't know how to help her or what I am doing wrong.

She also has aggression issues with bigger dogs. Shes pretty small for being a beagle mix (14 lbs-I was told shes the runt) and shes overly protective of bones as well.

Shes the sweetest dog to me and our family and I just want her to have a full life. Please any help would be so appreciated.

Also as far as exercise I recently moved to an apartment and she and my other dog humphrey get about 1 1/2 hours of walks a day. (4 walks x 20/30 min)

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