Dog upset by power cuts

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Dog upset by power cuts

Post by JudyN » Tue Dec 17, 2013 6:22 am

This is a friend's dog...

He's a black lab, getting on a bit (8? 10?), and seems to be getting to be more of a stress-head. He's had various vet checks and the vet thinks it's behavioural. My friend has tried calming herbs, valerian & scullcap, and Adaptil but not seen significant improvement. I'm not sure of all the triggers, though one is his 'dad' shouting at the telly when the rugby is on :roll:

He also gets upset whenever there's a power cut. This happens even in daylight, when the lights aren't on, and my friend hasn't even realised there's been a power cut till she's seen him run to the back door & shake. She says she thinks her hearing's as good as his now, but she does say 'unless the biscuit tin is involved' :wink: And I dare say even if she can hear some noises that he can't, he would still have the edge when it comes to high frequency.

She's tried giving him treats while her OH turns the power off, but he won't take them.

I've asked what would happen if she took him out for a walk, OH turned the power off and then she came back, to see if it's the transition that is a problem rather than something he senses continually (or rather the absence of something, like a high-pitched hum, that he's used to). In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions about likely causes and solutions, please?
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