Any advice on pulling? especially when seeing another dog?

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Any advice on pulling? especially when seeing another dog?

Post by simpleprincess » Thu May 29, 2008 5:12 pm

Moms ridgeback is a sweetie but whenever he sees another dog out on his walks, he bcomes very strong and pulls like mad so that mom cant hold him very well to say "hello" to to the other dog,he also trys to play with the other dog as well,mom finds him hard to control,he has yanked over face flat before now. :shock: :shock: when he doesnt se another dog,he is ok.Although he is a bit naughty when waiting in a queue,he starts jumping up and down all over the place. :roll:

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Post by catrinsparkles » Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:53 am

there are loads if types of harnesses and head collars that help stop pulling.

I have recently bought a Halti Harness and really like it. It has tow places to clip the lead, one on the dogs chest ( so you can control it's shoulders) and one on their back).

I use it with a staff, and am pleased with it as it sits further back than the other harnesses i have tried and therefore doesn't rub her armpits.

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Post by Ry » Wed Jun 18, 2008 9:11 am

Hm...of course harnesses could be a qiuck fix. They have types that loop under the two front legs and around the back, and some that loop around the nose and behind the ears. When you find a suitable harness, another good idea is to do this: Whenever the dog pulls or gets out of control, stop walking. Fold your arms, don't look at him, don't pay attention, until he calms down. Then repeat for everytime he gets too excited. Soon, the dog will realize that pulling and overexcitment means he doesn't get to go where he wants to go.

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Post by Mattie » Wed Jun 18, 2008 11:53 am

I once went on a TTouch workshop and part of it was teaching dogs to walk on a loose lead. We worked in pairs, one acted as the dog and used the method that is up as a sticky in Methods. How we tried to pull, one person was a lot stronger than everyone else but she couldn't pull the oposite way to the way we turned. Don't believe me, try it with a friend.

With a harness on your dog and a long lead, about 6ft, have the dog on our left, right is ok as well but reverse the holding of the lead, the loop of the lead in your right hand and take up the slack in your left.

For teaching to walk on a loose lead as soon as the dog's head goes in front of your hip you drop the lead with your left hand, turn about and walk the other way as quickly as you can. If it is to stop pulling, as soon as your dog puts pressure on the lead, drop the lead in the left hand, turn and walk the other way quickly.

I know it sound strange but if you try it with someone on the other end acting like a dog then they try it with you as the dog, you have to follow the person holding the lead, you don't much choice because the sudden turn and quick walk away puts you off balance and can't pull. :lol:

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