When people won't take advice

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When people won't take advice

Post by agilitypassion92 » Sun May 18, 2008 2:19 am

ive got a lady that ive met at the dog park i take my dog to this park every single week and see this lady everyday even some of our other friends that we have talked to at the park are fed up with her and her dogs...she has two one very obese one and one that is oout of control and she wont take any training methods into consideration here are many of the issues--

-she babytalks to her dogs all the time...
-when the more out of control one jumps on her she cuddles and rewards yet when the better behaved one does she "tries" to act upset
-her male dog is consistently dominating and mounting other dogs in an effort to be a leader
-her male dog is insecure and always snapping at any dog regardless of how friendly
-the male does not give pups slack as most dogs will..hes growled and even gone for pups at 12 weeks of age
-despite some of us taking action to at least tell the dog no she gets upset and ask why its always her dog getting yelled at
-her dogs wake her up almost every night barking and running out of the doggy door
-her male barks nonstop and always growls at anything and everything and at home she uses a spray collar which has done nothing for him
-she babys her dogs and feeds them nothing but junk but wonders why they will not eat their dog food
-her male constantly has bloody diarrhea and gets stomach upsets from eating anything and everything
-if she calls her dog she takes forever to take action...walks towards the area were her dog is trying to start a fight...and thinks she knows how to handle every situation

main breakdown is that a lot of us have gotten so fed up with her and all the things shes allowed these dogs to do...sadly the dogs have to deal with this and it is not their fault but they are not getting the structure they need and are therefore ruling over her they have become the pack leaders and shes blindly walking through everyday not knowing this and it has gotten so unpleasant that none of us even want to walk with her anymore because her dog gets into at least 2-3 fights everyday along with 7-8 little upsets everyday

i watch many dog training shows including victorias and read up on a lot of dog behaviors..we have suggested just about everything there is to suggest and she shuts us down consistently...what do you really do when the person who is not giving their dog what it needs will not listen? its gotten to a point were i just want to walk away..because it seems like i cannot help these dogs im so sick of it anyone have any advice on how to break the ice to this lady nicely? im really at wits end. =(

(im not sure if these are all the issues i have mention that her dogs have accumulated over this time of being with her-a quick reply would be appreciated though)

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Post by Nettle » Sun May 18, 2008 3:19 am

Dogs are easy to train AP - compared to people :lol:

She might be perfectly happy with her hooligan dogs - we all have different standards - and secretly resent being given advice she has no intention of taking.

If she is asking for advice, it's an attention-getter - tell her to find a dog behaviourist to help her.

As a behaviourist myself, I often find people ask for advice - and even pay for it - and still won't take it. I don't waste my time with these. Some people ask for advice, don't like the answer and keep on and on asking in the hope that they'll get a different answer.

People do the same on this Board too :)

Walk your dogs apart from this woman, and enjoy the company of nice animals and people.

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Post by Ocelot0411 » Sun May 18, 2008 11:16 am

couldn't agree more Nettle.

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i know what you mean

Post by agilitypassion92 » Sun May 18, 2008 11:35 am

yeah with her i know shes not happy the way her dogs act i think she just believes that she knows soo much about dogs and their behavior when in reality she knows little to nothing about how to handle any situation

i definitely agree though i am trying so hard to stay away from her because her dogs just start unnecessary conflicts and i enjoy my time with friends that have dogs that do not get into things with others i guess thats the point were its time to train my mom and let her know when you cant fix a problem just leave it be and walk away haha thank you very much for your reply though i appreciate it

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Post by emmabeth » Mon May 19, 2008 11:15 pm

If she doesnt want help, or if she doesnt want to follow up on advice given, then there is nothing you can do.

Stick around these forums for while and you grow a tough skin, because time after time, people will ask for advice and either disappear... or get the hump at being told something they don't like to hear, and then disappear.

Makes you REALLY appreciate the lovely ones who take things on board, learn loads, become totally switched on and hang around to give us updates :)

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Post by agilitypassion92 » Tue May 20, 2008 4:22 pm

thanks a lot yeah ive basically come to that point now that shes made me so angry that i just want to ignore her i dont mean to sound mean...because i just dont like her and the dogs... but sadly its true..if her dogs wont stop starting stuff because she doesnt want to teach them...i dont want to be in the middle of that with my dog

ill definitely stick around though ive signed up now and am hooked...im glad to have found people who are so caring about animals and take dog training this seriously at times-because sometimes its gotta be taken serious its what turns dogs into such fabulous companions =)

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