Way too excited when she sees other dogs

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Way too excited when she sees other dogs

Post by horza » Sat Jul 09, 2011 10:50 am

I have a 9mth old german shepherd b itch, who is really well behaved, apart from when she sees another dog.

If she is off-lead she will generally stop, and come back to me, (or i call her and she returns) i then put her on the lead, she then pulls on her lead but just sniffs at the other dog and continues walking,

Today i stopped at a bench to wait for my friend, when a man and his dog sat on the bench next to us. she started to really pull on her lead, as i began to stand up and walk away she managed to get out her harness, she went up to the other dog, she then came back when i shouted her.

is the pulling to meet other dogs just her being a puppy? she isn't aggressive to them, all she does is sniff and walk on, (unless the other dog is running then its a game) she just pulls soooo hard to met the dog,

i taught her loose leash walking using Mattie's method and she is great, but if i try to turn around when i get her on the lead, she is just too strong, for me to drag.

i generally stay away from other dogs, walk in the opposite ditrection, but sometimes they are unavoidable. i treat her when she if she is calm around other dogs, but they have to quite far away for this to work.

Should i worry about this? what can i do? will she grow out of it?


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Re: Way too excited when she sees other dogs

Post by jakesmom » Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:09 pm

Hi Horza

Sounds like you're both doing great.

My last GSD was very much like this, he would go crazy to get to other dogs - not in an agressive way, but he did want to dive on them, and was somewhat over enthusiastic.

As you're pretty sure that your dog shows no agression, I would do the following :

As soon as you realise she is going to pull towards other dogs (preferably before she hits the end of her leash), stop, get her to sit and then reward her. Keep her in a sit until he seems calm and then allow her to move on. As soon as you realise she is going to pull again, stop again, and get her to sit, reward, wait for calm and move on again. By doing this she will learn to control herself when wanting to approach other dogs.

There's a good thread under 'Dog Training Articles' entitled 'Must see video 'It's yer choice' Impulse control'. Take a look at that it's very good for teaching impulse control.

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Re: Way too excited when she sees other dogs

Post by emmabeth » Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:12 pm

It sounds as though she just wants to meet and greet - so teach her to do this in a polite manner, on command. (Then you can ask owners if its ok if she greets their dog).

As jakesmom says, the impulse control information will really help you here, its about learning self control and manners.

I think you are doing a great job actually, given your description of her behaviour off lead.

I would treat her before shes calm though, dont wait for that - you are changing her thought pattern by rewarding her for seeing so she starts to link the seeing with the reward. Once you have that and have it at any distance you like then work on the rewarding for DOING something. If she can't stay calm close up then shes too close.

Teach the self control stuff away from the other dogs issue for the time beign and build up to doing that once shes got it down well around food, toys, other exciting things.

I think your loose leash walking wants a little tweak as well - you shouldnt be having to drag her at all, her size comparative to yours shouldnt be relevant here. When you about turn she should NOT be at the end of the lead and the lead should not be taut, and if you are not doign so already I would use a high pitched, exciting 'this way' to tell her you are not going her direction any more - then as she catches up to you, reward her.

That should get her a bit keener on focus on where you are, and care about where you are. Practice chucking in changes of pace and direction on any and all walks, whether there is soemthing to avoid or not so it becomes part of walkign to pay attention to you.
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Re: Way too excited when she sees other dogs

Post by horza » Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:18 pm


for the past few days ive been putting her into a sit when we see another dog, this works if i catch her in time, as my dogs are mostly infront of me, so i get her to "wait" so i can catch up then "sit" it works really well.

today as it was raining i went down a one person track (river on one side and brabed wire field on the other, only just enough room to pass) i really like this walk apart from this bit of path. she saw a dog but the logistics meant i couldn't sit an let the others pass, BUT she just sat, stared at the dog when it was about 2metres away she politley walked up to the other sniffed and carried one walking.

im sooo proud of her, shes a great little puppy.

(im trying to get a good side shot of her to post in the breeding section as i was told she was a german shepard lab. the mum was in the rescue to and she was a GSD but sheba is way to small to be crossed with a lab. she is alot smaller than my belgian shepard, just need to get a good pic)

Thanks a lot
think i just needed reasuring

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