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Post by bitis.gabonica » Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:32 am

Hello- my name is Angela and I live in the state of Virginia USA. Unfortunately I do not currently own any dogs ( :( ) but years ago I had a german shepherd/grayhound mix (Gretchen) and a whippet (Senna- who was so fast that we named her after the great racecar driver Ayrton Senna). Now, however, I, or rather, my family currently owns a 16 (!!!!) year old Himalayan cat named "Toots", 8 zebra finches (Ross, Krauss, Zsolt, Khabi, Rory, Ike, Jerry, and Nigel), and a forest hingeback tortoise "Morty".
Anyway, I love animals of any kind (especially horses and dogs, but also including snakes and spiders), and I also love training as well. For several years I was learning how to train horses, mostly by clicker, but one of these days I really really hope to adopt another dog. My favorite breeds are the Irish Wolfhound and the English Bull Terrier.
As far as other hobbies go, I also love ice hockey and playing classical guitar.

Well, there's all about me. I've been a huge fan of Victoria's for awhile now, and I've found a lot of very good and interesting information on this site as well. So although I don't currently own a dog, I'm still very interested in learning as much as I can about training dogs.
Cheers, everybody!

Nipper's Mum
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Post by Nipper's Mum » Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:45 pm

Hi I'm Sandy, known here as Nipper's Mum. I'm new to the site, but just love all the advice and info on here and have been coming back regularly since I found it.

I'm a Brit that lives in Auckland, New Zealand and just got my new pup 'Nipper' a bichon/shih-tzu cross and just adore him. I'm a professional Life coach and I'm married to a wonderful Canadian. We have 3 children two have left home and one still living with us. I am lucky enough to live in a wonderful part of the world and love walking at the beach, socialising with friends, swimming, good food, great wine, and even better company. I play guitar and harp and love music. Nipper, is great company as I am often on my own as hubby works away at times. I work from home so Nipper has company too. I'm in the process of potty training Nipper and will start clicker training him, as I think that is a great way to train. I love all animals...well almost all, not keen on weta's other creepies crawlies. I have taken in rescued dogs my fav being a Siberian Husky which I loved, but couldn't keep for long only until we found an excellent home for her, I didn't have room. Also taken in a lowchen which was abandoned,amazes me how anyone can abandon any animal. I had a wonderful cat 'snorks' who passed away at 17 years, and I've bred parrots and other birds. For now however, It's Just me and the Dog, and I am a huge fan of Victoria and her training methods. That's about it for me :D

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Post by spydre » Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:56 pm

Hiya! I'm spydre - well, actually Tina, spydre dates back to the nickname my hubby gave me when we were dating. I found these forums well, right around the time we got our current dog, at the beginning of the month.

Our previous dog, Loth, we just had to have put to sleep on the 31st of March. She had a chronic coming and going hip situation - the vet said because of how long her back was (husky/shar-pei/keeshond mix), and it was coming on so frequently now (needed medication for it twice in six months - and literally would not move unless she really badly had to pee - I was hand feeding her). It was just time - this time was the worst ever, and we couldn't let her go through it anymore. When the time came, even tho she felt pretty badly, she saw the leash, and new it was time for a ride, she was so excited.

We started looking for our new dog the next day online. I was crying constantly, my oldest boy was so depressed and crying so bad he missed a day of school (at 14 years old), and my husband was the same as me - only worse. And then my youngest actually finally started admitting that he was upset....even if just for the boys' sake, we needed to get a dog back in the house.

We started looking around, had it narrowed to 5 possibilities, and the one my husband had his heart set on was already spoken for. He had been back and forth looking at Dodger a few times on the website - but I wasn't sure - his pictures don't do him justice. But when we met him - well, I fell in love with him at first site. He's 75 pounds (omg, he almost knocked me down), and the biggest goof. The shelter that he came from exclusively fostered the pets - and Dodger had been fostered at his home the last several months. He mentioned that Dodger wasn't fond of men, and he may take a week to warm up to my husband. He said that Dodger would just avoid (and he does that on our walks) any men, but by the time we left with Dodger in the car, he was already really warming up, and in 2 days, Dodger was convinced that Daddy was almost as good as Mommy.

Prior to finding these forums, and well, Victoria's show at all, we were probably like a lot of dog owners - fed the dog (Loth) what we generally fed her, attributed her digestive issues to getting into something we didn't know about, and didn't try too hard to train her. She started becoming fear aggresive around 6 months old, and it gradually grew worse. It was maybe 2 months before she died that I started watching Victoria's show, and I started working on "stay" with her. She would beg....sort of. She was the most polite beggar I ever met, she would sit in front of us not moving a muscle. :) She was also a polite bedmate, foot of the bed, curled up into this 45 pound ball, lol. I still really didn't so a lot of research until we started looking into another dog. I didn't want Loth's fear aggression to happen with our next dog - or have some of Loth's other tendancies repeated.

Now, of course, my husband is a little hurt that I wasn't doing all this research while Loth was alive.....and that I'm asking for different dog food for Dodger....but I just want to make sure that Dodger doesn't have the - let's say bowel issues (bulldogs gas is bad enough, let's not increase it with diet) that we previously took for granted, and since Dodger is finding grass really yummy, with more frequency than Loth ate grass.

Well, bottom line, I feel really bad that I didn't know about some of this stuff earlier, so Loth could have benefitted from it, but I do know better now, so Dodger is going to benefit what we can manage. Sometimes that is tight as I'm disabled and my husband is a student worker right now - he just interviewed for a job a few days ago full time; I'm crossing my fingers - but if we get things slowly, we will manage. :)
Dodger - 2 1/2 yo American Bulldog Mix
RIP Loth 10 year old Husky/Keeshond/Shar pei mix

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Post by spydre » Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:01 pm

Ah, tried to get the dogs photos into my sig, but they came out removed them.

This is Loth: ... P_0039.jpg

This is Dodger: ... P_0106.jpg
Dodger - 2 1/2 yo American Bulldog Mix
RIP Loth 10 year old Husky/Keeshond/Shar pei mix

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Post by 2Bassets&aBullmastiff » Tue May 05, 2009 11:30 am

My name is Angie I found these forums a few weeks ago and have been engrossed in all the knowledge i've found here! I am a married mother of 3 children (ages 7, 4 & 1) and 3 dogs and since my husband works a crazy rotating schedule the majority of the care is my responsibility. Which is mostly fine because I am having a great time training my dogs.

Kaddie Quack is the oldest at 6, shes a basset hound we got from a pet store before we knew about the horrors of puppy mills. She was 4 months old when we got her and we worried that if she wasn't adopted soon she would be pts. She is the most stubborn of the 3.

Vala is our 3 year old basset who acts like a big puppy! She loves to tattle by barking when she doesn't get her way. We are currently working on the barking because she gets the others all riled up and it gets pretty loud!

Ronan is our newly adopted (3 weeks ago) bullmastiff. He is around 3.5 years old. He was rescued after his owners didn't treat his heartworms, he has been treated and we are hoping his 6 month recheck is negative! So far he is responding good to training, he is a bit reactive to dogs other than Kaddie & Vala but I think that he probably wasn't very socialized before we got him. We are working on that.

IMOTD was a big part of the decision to adopt him because it gave me confidence that I could train a big dog without harsh treatment or being scared of him. My husband has always wanted a bullmastiff but since it would ultimately be my responsibility it was my decision in the end. I wanted a rescue dog so I did research on the breed then did a search of the local shelters. He was at a foster home about an hour away so we sat up a meeting at a dog park between us. Kaddie ran right up to him showing the more timid Vala that it was ok. The kids approved and we all agreed that it was a good fit. We picked him up the next week. And wow it is true that a bigger dog brings about bigger responsibility! Now my husband is always laughing at me saying I look like a dog trainer with my treat pouch and drool towel constantly with me. :lol:

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2 beagles

Post by sistersrus » Sun May 10, 2009 9:46 am

I have two beagles one 9 months and one 4 years. and an old westie/chow mix (age 14 1/2). The old westie (Foofee we got her when she was 1) is a 18 pound feisty little thing, who growls every time a beagle walks by. Flash (age 4) is quite over weight we have had him only 2 weeks. Max (the puppy) we just got 3 days ago in hopes of getting Flash to move around more. Any one else have a fat beagle? I hope we can get his weight down with diet and exercise. We got a blood test done yesterday to see if he has any issues causing this extra weight (46 pounds is big for a beagle).
Owner of two beagles (Flash and Max)

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Post by spydre » Sun May 10, 2009 10:18 pm

Hi sisters, I don't have any advice that can help you, really, but I wanted to say that growing up, I had a fat beagle as well - I guess that's what happens when beagles get older? Mine was about 45 or 50 pounds. She was one of the sweetest things. I'm biased, I love beagles.

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beagle weight

Post by sistersrus » Sun May 10, 2009 11:10 pm

Yes, I guess it can be something related to growing older, but Flash is only 4. And I think it could be something else so I am hoping to find out more tomorrow when I hear about the blood test results.

Beagles are great dogs though, what personalities they have. Love your dog pics. Here is one of Flash. You can see his little weight problem. Image
Owner of two beagles (Flash and Max)

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New to this (or any) forum

Post by Jennyne » Wed May 13, 2009 11:34 pm

My name is Jennyne and I am from Texas with three children, a wonderful husband and a Golden Retriever puppy on the way this week!

My oldest son is active duty in Airforce and serving proudly, my middle son is a senior in high school planning on college and my baby daughter is still in elementary and going to enjoy the new puppy for a long time with me :lol: I have always had Siberian Huskies or Labs and now we are getting our first Golden puppy this week! Boy do I have alot to learn.

:D I am so excited! I get to pick out names and buy toys and enjoy a baby again! I am looking forward to getting all kinds of wonderful information from everyone on here! :lol: Everything I have read so far is fantastic. I look forward to the next 10+ years of sharing and growing.
Always seeking to learn!

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Post by kelleyanne1988 » Thu May 14, 2009 11:01 am

Hey! I'm Kelley Anne and 20years old. I'm a full-time student, with a part-time job, and in a sorority. I just got my lab pup (Gunner) this previous weekend and love him to death! He'll be 7 weeks old on Saturday and I'm ready for him to be all grown already haha.

At the end of my senior year my dad found a yellow lab as well on the internet for free (Jake) and he was my best friend! I felt pretty bad for my dad because it was suppose to be his dog, but yet he went with me everywhere and broke into the bathroom numerous times while I was showering just to see me and sleep in there till I was done. I had to leave him to go to college. I'm fixing to start my 3rd year in college and now that I finally have a place for a dog I had to get one! Life just isn't the same without the companionship of a dog. :lol: (Dad wouldn't let me take Jake) After 2 years, he's finally becoming my dad's dog and its amazing! :-D

I also have a duck named hank (We really aren't sure if it's a boy or girl yet haha) He's about a month old now, and he doesn't seem to enjoy the company of people... I got him actually to raise with Gunner and see if the duck would attach onto Gunner as a friend and follow him around. (I used to have two ducks a few years back and they followed us everywhere) This obviously has not happened as expected haha. He was actually attached to a chicken that ended up having to leave to my friend's place.

That's pretty much me! I have a busy life and so excited that Gunner is able to join me with it! He'll be my right-hand man I'm sure!

I'm pretty new on here. Got on here once to ask a question about Jake jumping into trucks and decided to come back when I got Gunner. I'm always eager to learn more things about what I can do for him and different ways of doing things. All advice is very much welcome and well taken!
Have an Amazing Day,
Kelley Anne, Gunner, and Bear

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Post by spugs » Fri May 15, 2009 6:13 am

Hi, im Spugs and i live in the North East of England.
I have 3 kids, a hubby, a cat and the newest addition to our family a 10 week old mini schnauzer x bichon frise who weve had just over a week :D
Hes called Alfie and is a complete fluff ball! He'll be getting his first hair cut as soon as he has his 2nd injection!
Hes very different to our previous dog who was a rescued lurcher that we got as an adult. She was very placid, never barked and huge the total opposite of Alfie :D
Hopefully we'll get some help on here with our 'teething' problems x

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So....Who's Who?-Introduce Yourself Here

Post by wvvdiup1 » Sun May 17, 2009 9:34 pm

Hi Everyone! I'm wvvdiup1 - well, actually, it is Sandy! Actually, I joined a couple of months ago, but for some reason, I didn't see this forum! The wvvdiup1 is somewhat of a long story. I live in South Central Pennsylvania near a town called Bedford.

I'm definately not married and the last time I checked, I don't have any children. A little humor there but I refer my pets as "my children." I currently have one dog, Emma: two cats, Whiskers and Bucky.

To those who joined after me, Welcome aboard!


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Post by kikido » Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:10 pm

Hi, I'm Seija and 22 years old. I have four rescue dogs from Spain and they're all galgos (= Spanish Greyhound) Victor is 4 years old, Luna is 5 years old, Tuuti is 9 years old and Abuelito is 14 years old.

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Post by DogzRule1996 » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:49 pm

Err... Hi. I'm Shari, and I live in North Texas. I joined a few months ago, but oh well. I'm 12 years old, and I have two dogs, a golden retriever (six months) and a Pembroke Welsh corgi (6 years). I'm training to be a vet. I volunteer at about 5 different animal shelters, humane societies, and SPCA. I also volunteer at a vet clinic. My goal this summer is to reach my goal of at least $100 so I can buy toys, blankets, food, etc. and donate them to animals in need!
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Post by TerrierTerror » Sun Jul 19, 2009 5:07 pm

I'm Megan, I'm 18 years old and reside in good old Buffalo, NY 8)
I have 1 dog, 6 cats, 5 snakes, 4 rats and gecko, so I have a zoo haha.
My dog is a 10 month old Rat Terrier named Carson. He's my baby and my first dog since I was 4 years old. He was my 18th birthday present this past June :3

My photography is my biggest passion next to my pets, so expect to see photo floods from time to time xD
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