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Post by DogWmn » Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:49 am

Hi everyone, I'm closing in on 60 :roll: and currently am owned by the only known sofa slug Jack Russell Terrier, he is an adult rescue that I've had for about 8 years and he's now about 15ish. His name is Gator because his upper cainines hang below his lip...LOL He is accompanied by a Russian Blue Manx named Annie who is also a rescue...she just showed up at the doorstep preggers about 10 years ago...and as soon as I can figure out how to load a photo or three I will.

Glad I found this forum!
Creator, help me be the person the critters I walk with think I am

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Post by joji732 » Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:52 pm

Hello, all! I'm from Lavallette, NJ. A little over a year ago I chose to leave my 2 lovable lhasas with my now ex-husband. I was only working part-time, and knew that he would be in a better position to care for them than I would. I've since gotten a full-time job, as well as a settlement and alimony, so it's time to have a dog in my life again. I am a professional health coach and reiki master, and met the love of my life at the Humane Society. He is a young (10-12 month old) Jack Russell. A friend asked me to go down with her and give him some reiki. At that point, he had only been there about a week. He was a stray, and they had to use a catchpole to bring him in. He fought the pole so hard that he burst some blood vessels at the back of his eyes. After spending an hour with him giving him reiki, the kennel workers wanted to know what I had done to the dog because he was so much more subdued. I said I would come back and get him if he wasn't adopted out - but I was in the process of moving and it was going to take some time. Here it is, a month later, and when I went to the shelter yesterday he was still there. I filled out the paperwork, and hope to have him home soon. I was surprised to see that I can still command his respect after all this time - when he was doing his typical JRT 'bounce' (read that - 5 foot leap in the air) - all I had to do was look at the ceiling and he immediately stopped. Needless to say, that was met with mucho praise!

I'm also the proud owner of a tomato frog named Beefsteak, an African Clawed Frog named Mr. Frog, and a catfish named Mr. Fish.

Looking forward to getting to know you all better.

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Post by wolfgirl333 » Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:10 pm

Hey, my name's Veronique im 18, 19 in 2 months lol and I live with my mother and her newly husband on our little hobby farm in NB, Canada. We have a lot of animals so I'll narrow it down to categories lol.

Buddy is the one dog that I can call my own. He's a 16 year old beige/white very hyperactive miniature poodle mix lol I swear that dog will live forever lol
Belle... she past away yesterday of a horribly young death... born deaf this little 4 1/2 year old american eskimo x autralian shepherd was the sweetest girl you could every meet. She always had a smile one her face. R.I.P Belle Dec. 22 2003 - Oct. 03 2008
Jackie is a black & white 2 year old female Bouvier des Flandres x Labrador... strangely she has an orange beard growing lol
And our newest addition, Shyenne (from the french word hyena) she's a 6 month pure bred blue merle aussie...she wears her name well in color and attitude alike lol

Now we have 2 cats, tiger our young short haired black & silver striped male and his calm mother jasmine a grey & white long haired tabby.

Ben my moms 6 year old Canadian x quarter horse gelding * who thinks his a stud*
Maya my 4 year old pregnant tri-color paint who is due in july of next year! ... this is going to be our first foal its so exciting.

Lmoa! well we sometimes name our chickens but now we have like 13 of them and 3 chicks thanx to our first and thankfully only rooster Walter... -_-' ... he needs to go to rehab or something cuz he's got the bigger temper problem ever! lol ...stupid thing will attack you when you least expect it especially if you turn your back on him lol

Thats about it for the animal part of our family but we always have a couple of strays coming in once in a while, but its not often I'll get to keep any because my step father doesnt exactly like the ideal of the house turning into a zoo lol considering I bring home all the injured animals I find but I always end up releasing them when they're ready to go. Besides from our animals, I am currently finishing up a few classes and working to get enough money to get into Oulton college next year to study as a Veterinary Technician and then once graduated from there its off the University to because a full fleshed Vet mostly to help our wildlife and farm animals. Maybe open a wildlife rehab center at home too, the way Im bringing in random animals home I should start inversting in doing that now lol

So thats my story and btw Im a newby on here since this morning... I found this site this morning while I was browsing through the net for no apparent reason... the loss of our beloved dog is taking a toll on my family and everyone just seems so dull and heartbroken...especially for my mother, Belle was like a part of her body she was always with her...that dog is the reason my mother can walk again today so Im really worried on how things will go from now on...

Well Im glad to meet you all today... it's nice to know people who love and care for their pets like family members and more in this dreadful hell of a world we call home... Cherish the ones you love and care for the most everyday and dont be afraid to tell them how you feel because we never know when's the last time we'll ever be able to tell them.

Take care everyone and take good care of your pets...


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Post by sunshine » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:21 pm

Hi my name is Bonnie and I love animals. I have 3 dogs 2 horses a cat and soon to be adding a puppy to the mix . :D I am married with 4 children. I love to watch it's me or the dog. I think i have seen every episode at least 2 or 3 times. I think Victoria Stillwell is Tottally Awsome.

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Post by Bellezza » Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:14 am

Hi, I'm Jen. (I feel like I'm going introducing myself as an addict "Hi, I'm Jen...I'm addicted to my pets...but I love them anyway. =D) I'm married, and my husband and I have a ferret (Izzy), a cat (Luke), and a puppy (Abby). We live around Washington DC if anyone else lives close?

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Post by radseg » Wed Oct 15, 2008 2:17 pm

Hi--I'm Chris. Retired from the haz waste industry 6yrs ago. I now work part-time at a day program for people with special needs and I love it more than anything I've ever done in my life. In what other occupation do you get to hug and be hugged all day long?? :) Since I never had children, I believe this was the plan for me all along. My people are my family and have changed me in only the very best ways. They've made me a better person--challenged and changed all of my beliefs about disabilities v. gifts (and enlightenment) to mankind.

Anyway, my husband and I have 2 Yorkie girls, Tiffany and Tiara--no, we didn't give them those names, but my husband didn't want to change them--the girls were 5 & 6 months old when we got them. I was able to buy them from a person who was going to breed them irresponsibly. It was love at first site! And my husband, Joe, is totally in love with them.

We're both in our late 50s--how could that be?! Live in SE Michigan. We moved to a suburb of Detroit 8yrs ago--miss the city...Joe wants to move to a warmer climate after retirement (less than 3yrs now), but I'd be happy to stay around here--in a rural area.

I'd love to try raising just a few chickens! My granny had a farm in Wisconsin where we spent all of our summers (my siblings and I). She raised all kinds of exotic birds, in addition to plain ol' chickens. I recommend reading, "Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance," if you're considering it at all. There's lots to doing it right!

Okay. Joe'll be home soon. Hope to get replies to my post from earlier today. I need input!

Thanks for reading. Gotta run...


trevor williams
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Post by trevor williams » Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:47 am

Hi friends, im new, love the programs, animals and Victoria.

Being a thinker by nature I hope I can contribute something uselful.
Its the least i can do after all you have done for me.
dogs are tremendous
but Victoria is stupendous!

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Post by PitBullLove » Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:18 am

Hi. My name is Zoe. I'm from British Columbia, Canada. I've owned pit bulls for over 16 years as well as fostering many wonderful dogs. Right now I have three personal pit bulls and two fosters. I haven't actually seen Victoria's show as of yet, but she was brought up on one of the pit bull forums with some very positive comments so I thought I'd come have a peak. :D

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Post by i_are_chanel » Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:58 pm

My name is Chanel, and I just moved to the DC metro Area with my boyfriend and our two dogs, Lexi and Charlie. Lexi is a golden retriever/black lab mix who is all black. She is a beautiful dog. And too smart for her own good. I have had a blast teaching her tricks.....she picked it up so quickly!! By the time she was 6 months old, she knew: sit, sit pretty, shake (with either paw), high five (with either paw), walk, lay down, roll over, and wait (i taught her to wait for her food before she could go eat it. i say go ahead when she can have it). I also taught her to tell me "sorry" after she gets in trouble (usually when i let her out of the kennel,). I scold her and then say, tell me sorry, and she kisses me. She is a very apologetic girl. She hates it when mommy is mad at her....(and when Charlie is in trouble, she is right there to tell me sorry! lol) I have recently found a few new tricks to teach her on here that I have been trying she is doing very well. She was given to me by a friend/coworker where I use to live (who had her kennel trained her and taught her her name). That same friend also gave me Charlie. His father was a longhaired chiuahua, and his mother was a dauchsand/papillion cross (who looked mostly like a dauchsand, except for her enormous ears!) Charlie got his mommy's looks, (ears 2!) with his daddy's legs. He has been harder to train than Lexi, which is somewhat frustrating, but as he gets older I realize that some things have just taken him longer to catch on to. I.e. "Kennel" means go to the kennel. I recently taught him to "speak"...which took about one hour one night. It was great progress for him. The only tricks he knew were "sit" and "up". I have realized recently that Charlie just needs to be dealt with more patiently. His biggest problem right now is that he sometimes pees in the house and he barks. Sometimes he barks at his own reflection, which is funny, but annoying. I am hoping to find a way to stop that, but I know that his breeds are it will be a difficult task! Charlie is very loving and energetic and he loves to sleep.

My boyfriend and I are currently living with my boyfriend's mother until we get on our feet. His mother has a 2 yr old springer spaniel named Sassy. Sassy thinks she's a person. She is very submissive and had no other dog contact until we came. It took her a week to figure out how to play! Lol!!! But she has grown to love Charlie!! She will sit by the door to the part of the house we stay in and whine to tell us she wants to come say hi. She likes Lexi, but I think she could do without. Lol. Sassy is very spoiled and not very well trained, but I know she is a very smart breed. It only took me a week to teach her to shake! (And I wasn't consistantly badgering her about it, so just imagine what it would be like if I was consitantly working with her!!) She is a very, very, sweet girl though. And my babies love to play with her.

As for me, I just graduated from college with a BA in Theatre. I moved to D.C. because lets face it, Nebraska is not place for Theatre! Recently, and because of my dogs, and watching too much Animal Planet, I think I want to go back to school to be a vet tech or a dog trainer. I have grown to love my pets, and one of the most amazing things I have seen from having my dogs is the language that we develop with one another. It is so fascinating. So is their intelligence. Dogs are so smart. And I think it is us who are stupid by not learning more about them. It is the smart ones who try to understand their animals thoroughly. And It is my recent desire/dream to understand them.

Some day, I want to rescue animals. It breaks my heart knowning that thousands of animals are abused every year. And I want to be part of making their lives better. Maybe someday, I will be an Animal Cop. But I definately want to live in a big house, with a bunch of land, and LOTS of dogs someday.....

Lexi-3/4 golden retriever + 1/4 black lab. Bday Dec 1st 2007.

Charlie-long haired chihuahua + dauchsand + papillion. Bday Feb 29th 2008.

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Post by shiver » Fri Oct 24, 2008 8:30 am

Hi, my name is Melissa. I live with my husband and 6 children in Ohio. We have a cat, Smokey, whom we rescued from a shelter in Alaska 6 years ago. She is a very jealous and territorial beast. :roll:
We recently tried to adopt a German Shepherd mix from a local shelter. Surprisingly, the two got along rather well. He showed no interest in her, and she was cautiously optimistic about things, as we would shower her with treats and tuna water every time we brought dog smell in the home. We were hoping to eventually have Sammy in the house with us all the time. Unfortunately that wasn't meant to be. He nipped one of the children the first day here. The child had been touching his leg. Okay, so we don't touch the legs, we thought. Then a child reaching over his head got nipped. Hmm, possible issues with having been hit on the head in the past? Then reaching from front seat to back seat to pet him. Territorial? Then twice with no warning, no contact, no interaction of any kind. The child hadn't even looked at him. Vet check showed no physical reason for his behavior. And it was only the smallest of the children (12 yr) that he kept doing this to. We took him back to the shelter. Although he never bit hard enough to break the skin, his unpredictability was not something we could live with.
A week later, 2 of the girls and I went back to the shelter to 'look around'. :roll: I had become attached to Sammy in the time he was with us, and I wasn't sure I was ready for another try yet. (We were actually there at just the right time. Sammy had found another home to go to. We met his new owners in the hallway and were able to tell them a lot more about him than what the shelter had for info, and our minds were put at ease. No children in his new home. :) )After looking at a few dogs and puppies who turned out to be not ready for adoption for one reason or another, the girls found Princess, an underweight, sad, 4 yr old German girl. The night we brought her home, she started coughing. By the next day she would refuse all treats and food except Milkbones. Her weight dropped some more. When we got her to the vet she was only 44 lbs. :( Happily, her kennel cough is cleared up and she is gaining weight nicely now. She no longer hangs her head and pins her ears back all the time, and some real personality is starting to show. She doesn't seem to know any games or how to play at all with humans. She doesn't pick anything up with her mouth. She does enjoy sniffing at the cat until she hisses however. :roll:
We are hoping to eventually add a horse or two, and maybe some hamsters to the mix.

Doggie Python
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Post by Doggie Python » Sat Oct 25, 2008 12:39 pm

Hello all!

I love discussing all things dog.

I am a 52 years old female. I currently have two dogs, one cat, three hens, and a bunny.

I have a background in working with horses, dogs, and messed up teenagers...dogs being the easiest. :wink:

I work with local owners to help them understand their dogs.

Looking forward to some great conversations!
"Help! Help! I'm being repressed!" Dennis

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Post by doxiegirll » Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:52 am

Hi everyone I'm Debi, I hail from the great white mountians of Arizona. I am a disabled mother of 2 human kids one 20 theother 14,and 4 furry kids 3 mini doxies and one farret.
I love victoria's show and this site its great alot of wonderfull info I hope I can get an insite to my doxies current problem with men
I am currently roommateing with my ex husband of 7yrs. which makes things interesting. I was a professional groomer for 30 yr.s and before being unable to work at all I was an executive secretary. I posted some pics of my furry friends on the other thread.
So hi everyone :D
debi, & family (Max, Ester, Licky Ricky,& Presley the farret

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Post by Joanna » Fri Nov 07, 2008 10:49 am

I'm Joanna, I live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, and I'm currently working towards my B.S. in biology. I have had and loved dogs all my life, but my first real entry into the world of training came when I developed an interest in marine mammals. Most of what I know about training and animal behavior came from watching and talking to marine mammal trainers. This often causes me to treat my dogs more like dolphins, but it also means that positive reinforcement has become my default training mindset.

I am working towards a career in animal care, ideally as a marine mammal trainer. I volunteer at the Shedd Aquarium in both marine mammal husbandry and the pet show, where I have the incredible honor of knowing, working with, and learning from Ken Ramirez, his amazing staff of animal trainers, and the many wonderful animals in their care.

I currently have three dogs (all adopted from shelters) and a male cockatiel named Stosh. The dogs are a 9-year old female Siberian husky named Snow, a 6-year old female shepherd mix named Shadow, and a 3-year old male beagle named Buster. Technically Snow is the family dog, Buster is my mother's, and Shadow is mine, but I care for, train, and love all three (though Shadow is without a doubt my favorite). I also have a great relationship with my best friend's 10+ year old female terrier mix, Biscuit.

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Post by Cracker » Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:54 pm

Hiya Everyone!
I'm Maggi, 41 and living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I own a small dogwalking business and previously worked at a vet clinic so I now have 18 years of dogginess under my belt. I specialize in large dog, small group walks and often take on dogs with reactivity or aggression issues. I have always been interested in behaviour (human and animal) and so have recently decided to take my "hobby" training to a professional level and am assisting with a puppy school and training private clients as well.

I have a doggle and two cats (and two foster cats..the furballs are killing me!). Cracker is a two year old Foxhound/Lab mix who was seized in a raid of a crackhouse when she was 3 1/2 months old. She has a few fear issues with men of a "certain type" but is otherwise a fantastic girl, friendly, well socialized and a total velcro dog (yep, Separation anxiety is under control...). She loves the cats..and they bully her

Vandal, my 16 year old Siamese mix, is the patriarch of the house. Friendly yet "his own cat" he was my first pet as an adult and he has accepted moving, other animals, several roommates etc with equanamity.

Tagger, my 3 year old brown tabby shorthair, started out as a little spitfire but has mellowed quite a bit and since I started doing Reiki with him has blossomed into a sweet and affectionate boy.

The two fosters are Lady, a 12 year old DLH and Biggy, a 4 year old Ragdoll. Wonderful kitties and good friends with the others.

As for VS. I have only seen bits and pieces of the show. I don't have cable and watch on you tube when I can. But anywhere that I can come on and discuss positive means of dealing with dog issues is a great place to hang out! I am a member of a couple different forums and recognize a few names's a great way to expand our minds and to LOVE our dogs!!
Maggi Burtt
Tailspin Petworx


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Hi! New here, too!

Post by Harold's__Maude » Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:24 pm

First - I now want a pet chicken. That sounded so sweet and interesting. One day, I shall!

I am Karen, mama to 5 humans and now a "mam" of a wonderful Great Dane/St. Bernard mix. He is about 3, and sweeter than sweet. I JUST got him - yesterday! For 100, a private rehoming (quotations here would be good too) fee. His original owner got him froma shelter and he had some troubles of some proportion that I don't know about and Bruno, Mr. Doggie Wonderful, was left with that man's parents - also the owner of a Boxer than didn't like Bruno even a tuny bit, her two older kids and one of their kids - a grandchild. No roo, too little time, money and energy, and...well, here is Bruno. So far, he is AMAZING. He has found a soul mate in my older son (19) and he discovered his job here - 2 small kids, which he already seems to adore and have a responsibility to, lol. They are 3 and 6, and luve the dickens out of him. No, I don't usually use that word, lol ;)

I am 39, married to a wonderful man 13 years my "junior," I write, cook, hope to own a cafe one day, just bought my first home with my DH and 4 of the 5 kids - and that was when Dog Fever hit me. I spent HOURS looking at dogs, and learning about them, watching Victoria's show (she is GREAT - and kinda hot too, lol!), researching onlunbe food issues, health issues and I fell hard and fast for this boy and Danes in genral. Always had a soft sput for the big dogs, plus, my dad had a St. Bernard as a child, and the pictures always made me just WANT one, lol. My dream's come true - I have both. A home, a yard, kids, a DH and a dog (oh, and 2 goldfish ;) ). so right now, I'm enjoying the honeymoon stage of a new easy and lovable dog in the home. We are working with is former nutrition and changing it - fast. So far, poop's been good and all of that. I'll read more on the nutrition section...raw and homemade I think wll be best for us all, cost wise and health wise, so I think that is where I'm headed. I'm pretty much what many would call a "crunchy" mom anyway - homebirth, nurse forever, eat organic - but I also have a punk streak in me and I probably drink too much, lol! :) As we all are, I am complex, lol!

Gee, what didn't I tell ya'll??lol!

Oh, I sing too. Hope to join a band and sing - swing, ballads, classic rock, modern, "alternative," Annie Lennox, kd lang, Van Morrison, Jane's Addiction, Cat Stevens...I kinda like him (see my name, lol).

So there ay have it! Can't wait to get to know more of you and learn more about caring for my Big Guy. He's a dream so far, an absolute dream...