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Post by rossibear » Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:03 pm

hi just like to introduce myself, I'm Denise live in Aberdeen Scotland. I'm 50yrs young and have got my first dog since being a kid 6 weeks ago ! Though I have always had animals in my life, horses cats, ferrets etc only now do I have a hubby who likes animals, the first one wasn't animal minded at all. My dog is a 9yo hungarian wirehaired vizsla called Bracken who i got unexpectedly. My hubby has a harris hawk and he was at a meet at his friends one weekend and this guy who was there offered him Bracken as he couldn't get her pup to work, OH felt sorry for her so she came home with him. When I first seen her she was a toast rack on legs and very cowed and it is obvious she has had a hard time, sudden hand movements make her lie down yowling ,though she is getting better.Not the ideal first dog I suppose but she has a very loving nature and i have rehabbed other anumals, mainly horses and ferrets. So looking forward to speaking to you all and stepping forward in this dog journey.

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Post by Fundog » Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:52 am

Hi Denise-- sometimes we don't always choose our dogs, but rather the Creator acts as the ultimate rescue coordinator and finds them the perfect home. 8) That's how I got my two, really.

There are many folks on here who have rehabbed some pretty traumatized doggies (I'm one of them), so I'm sure you'll find a large support base here. Welcome to you! :D
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