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Hi from littlehorses

Post by littlehorses » Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:53 pm

Hi all! I didn't realize thre was an 'introduce yourself' thread till now!
My name is 'littlehorses' aka Dusti and I live in N Central Tx with Bellyra and Star, adopted Great Danes. There are 3 rescued cats here too, Lyndi, Anysa (Snowshoe cats) and Yar- the one eyed pirate cat. I'm a self employed 3-D mixed media artist and have 1 son and 2 granddaughters.

I've shared my life with Great Danes since getting my first 2 in 1980. I owner handled my first two Danes to their tittles but then got out of it. Politics........For the past 12 yrs I have volunteered with Great Dane rescue, fostering & adopting only seniors for about 10 of those years. I'm proud that several of those adopted seniors earned obedience tittles and enjoyed a second childhood!

When all my seniors passed I decided to try a youngster (or two) before I got too old. Ha Ha! These two are wearing me out faster than if I'd just aged gracefully! Bellyra came into rescue as a 3 month old stray full of bite wounds and attitude. Star was saved from complete neglect in a backyard, where she'd been put and forgotten since 10 weeks of age. I got her at 8 months, she'd never ben out of that yard, never had a collar on, was covered in demodectic mange, full of parasites and ripe with fear of everything.
Now at age 2 both have earned their Canine Good Citizens certifications and Bellyra is one leg shy of her CD tittle! Hoping to finish that up this fall. Star doesn;t enjoy the ring but thats okay too! We still have lots of fun together!
Thanks for allowing us to join you all!
Dusti and Bellyra CGC and Star CGC

Great Danes aren't my whole life.....they make me whole.

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