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Hi from Sarah83

Post by Sarah83 » Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:24 pm

Hi there, I'm Sarah from Manchester UK (currently living in Ireland though) and I'm owned by a mutt called Rupert. I fell in love with him when I went to volunteer at the shelter and took him home the next day. He then spent about 6 months practically living under my bed because he was terrified of everything. He's horrible with other animals 99% of the time, is a confirmed killer of small animals and a sheep worrier.

He is wonderful with people though, a little nervous of strange men in the house but soon comes round, and he is such a clown. Rupe's been a challenge in a lot of ways. I had to learn to train without speaking because any change in my voice had him cowering on the floor unable to do anything. Had to learn to deal with severe fear issues, aggression towards other animals, an inability to focus and a dog who has to be re-taught the basics everywhere he goes because he generalises none of it. Most of his issues are a lot better than they were but they all still come up now and then. He's taught me more about dogs than I'd have learned without him though :D

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