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New from SC

Post by jjsjr55 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:16 am

Hi, I must admit I was a pit bull hater. It came from all of the negative reports I have heard for years. One day my son moved back in and (against my wishes) brought his pit bull with him. I told him he is to be tied outside to a tree and can only come in at night and only into his room with him. i am an animal lover and after seeing this poor dog getting his chain tangled and how unhappy he was I had a change of heart. Houston, turned out to be a wonderful family dog and adores us all to the point that he follows us around the house, lays at our feet and always wants attention. In many ways he is like a big baby, he wants to climb up on your lap when it thunders. As time went on my son found a girl and got married but was not allowed to have Houston in his apartment or the house he later rented. Houston stayed with my wife and I for several years now and he proved to be the best dog I have ever had. Even my wife now loves him. A neighbors male pit bull once jumped their fence and charged my wife and Houston cut him off and tore him up. He sleeps with us and loves to climb up on our laps. He gets along great with our cats and our newest member a corgi who wandered to our home and was adopted by us. So after all of that, what I am saying is I now believe it is not the breed of the dog, it is how it is raised and treated. I will admit however, he is very good with my grandchildren and family when they visit but any strange dog that enters into his wireless fenced in area BEWARE!

PS Houston is sadly getting up in age now and when the time comes my next dog will be another pit bull no doubt about it.

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Re: New from SC

Post by JudyN » Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:35 am

Houston sounds like a wonderful dog - and it's great that he's made you see that pit bulls aren't the monsters they're so often made out to be :D
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