Hi, I'm new here and I'm looking for some help!!

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Hi, I'm new here and I'm looking for some help!!

Post by moonchyldk » Wed Sep 23, 2015 5:33 am

Hi, I'm Caroline. I just turned 21 years old and recently discovered what I would like to do as a career. I want to start my own doggy daycare/grooming/training business as well as petsitting, but I'm not sure where to start. I've worked at a doggy daycare before for about a year, but I was fired because I was in an abusive relationship that was really dragging my life down and affecting my work performance, and I'm scared that that will affect my future jobs I apply for. I don't know how to groom yet and I've been applying to a lot of places around my area and trying to learn, but I haven't had any luck. I know you can start out as a bather at PetSmart and move up in the business, or do an apprenticeship at a grooming place, but nobody seems to want apprentices that don't already know how to groom and I've been trying to apply to Petsmart for months and they won't hire me for whatever reason. I know some training techniques but I don't have any certificates or anything official. I'm on Care.com, but nobody has actually accepted my requests for dogsitting jobs. I'm feeling very discouraged and I need some help. :shock: Does anyone that has their own dog business have any tips on how they started and could help give me some guidance on starting out? :)

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Re: Hi, I'm new here and I'm looking for some help!!

Post by emmabeth » Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:33 am

Pop over to our general Chat area and start a thread in there as you'll get more responses and ideas :) Welcome to the forums
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