Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone!

Post by victorianpaws » Sat Aug 24, 2013 11:44 pm

Hi everyone,

The name is Victoria, and i'm excited to join such a community. I'm really into training, and different techniques of looking at animals so this basically a mecca for me! I will forewarn and explain that I refuse to judge books by their covers, and with that I mean people. I believe all dog trainers have something correct and useful to offer everyone. So before delving into someones reputation, I take it upon myself to do extensive research and form my own opinion on them and their methods. I do not always agree with a 100% what they do, but I normally can find at least 20% if not more that I say, "Yes, that makes sense and would really help strengthen my bond with my dogs." I currently have two dogs, whom are basically polar opposites.

There is Fritz, a 13 year old salt and pepper Miniature Schnauzer was the original "bottom of the pack" back in the day when I had a herd of three mini schnauzers. It was a running joke in my family that he would naturally be the first to pass away because of his timid nature and his deep attachment style nature. Guess the joke is on us, because he is the last remaining one as we lost our first dog Jack (A black mini, at the age of 12 with a beaming personality that took everyone by storm. He was called "The Master" simply because he had rather an air to him that he just owned.) in December 2009. A pain that still hurts to this day. The next to follow was this past May, Mitzi (A white mini, his sister, at the age of 13. This little girl was probably one of the sweetest dogs to ever grace this earth. When she was bitten by a snake, she still managed to wag her tail and greet people politely as she entered the vet ER despite enormous pain.) left this world and her brother ultimately devastated. He has not be the same dog since, and I doubt he ever will be because I am not the same person either. Fritz is rather riddled with separation issues that with is declining health as a family we have mutually agreed to not attempt training but make his time here comfortable and pleasant.

The newest addition to the family is Wink, a 14 month old Mini Schnauzer/Yorkie/SomethingElseWeAren'tQuiteSureOF puppy with enough energy to run the eastern seaboard of America for a month. After Mitzi passed, Fritz descended into a deep depression that only lightened when he was around other dogs. We had discussed as a family adding another dog to the mix for over a year before Mitzi passed that after some time we started looking at local shelters for a dog to fit our life style. Tail wagging, one eyed with a crooked tooth we were basically smitten with the little scrappy terrier within minutes. She is a rather bubbly, adorable, dramatic little dog that everyone coos at within minutes of meeting her. A little too much energy for old Fritz, she has improved his disposition immensely in the short two months she has been here. Excellent on a leash, she mainly has issues with not wanting to listen to commands unless there is something in it for her. I'm currently employing a lot of bonding exercises to try to the wean the need of a treat or toy being present to get her to listen to basic commands like sit, lay, stay, and come and would appreciate any suggestions. She has a bright mind that catches onto things faster then most dogs. As it took me about 3 or 4 walks before she walked on a loose leash pleasantly beside me without a care in the world, and figured out how to undo zippers within two minutes of me storing some treats in a small coin pouch.

Basically thats me! I love dog training and bonding. I think exercising both a dogs body and mind with well known expectations for them creates the happiest dogs, but every day I learn something new so how can I expect for that not to be tweaked and altered till the day I die? :wink:

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Re: Hi everyone!

Post by JudyN » Sun Aug 25, 2013 12:09 pm

Welcome to the forum - you sound as if you will have a lot to contribute!

I love that you've decided not to train Fritz's SA but just to do what is needed to keep him happy - and it's lovely that Wink is helping with that too :D
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