Asher - My Scruffy Tripod Shelter Mutt

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Asher - My Scruffy Tripod Shelter Mutt

Post by ReverendBonobo » Wed Jan 09, 2019 11:14 pm

(Shortened my story to something more readable)

My rat terrier Spartacus passed away in October of last year, and I got this guy at the shelter on Sunday. Three days ago. Possibly a chihuahua-schnauzer mix, ten pounds, a year and a half old, and only two days post-op when I got him. They say he came in as a stray with a completely borked leg that had to be amputated. I took him to my vet, who gave him a clean bill of health, a proper plastic cone, and some decent pain meds (the shelter had him on a NSAID and nothing else). He's healing up nicely - this picture is from yesterday, and there's noticeable less bruising today.


He's a total lap dog, and the perfect size for it. Super affectionate, always wants to be near me, and moves way too fast on three legs. It's been a challenge limiting his exercise, because he wants to motor.His stitches are coming out Monday, and then he can really start to settle in. I still have 86 days left to return him for a full refund, but I don't see that happening.

So I get to start training a dog all over again. But this little dude seems pretty smart. I'm not even trying right now, and he's already picked up a few things
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Re: Asher - My Scruffy Tripod Shelter Mutt

Post by JudyN » Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:05 am

Oh look at that cute face! Welcome to the forum :D
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