Barrier Frustration Photos

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Barrier Frustration Photos

Post by ckranz » Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:54 am

Apollo is a wonderful loving dog who gets along with every other dog as long as they are on the same side of the fence



I took these before calling him away from the fence. note also that the Boston was instigating much of the "game". Apollo has had a long history of barrier frustration including being on leash around dogs he does not know (he seems fine at agility and flyball events). But this is typical when we meet dogs on the way into the dog park or even on walks when we encounter other dogs on lead. He is doing much much better on leash in all areas but I had the opportunity tonight to catch some telling and perhaps some educational photos. compare the two above with the one below. Frustration vs Play.

5 minutes later when we went in the more populated side of the dog park this is Apollo with his new best friend Max.


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Re: Barrier Frustration Photos

Post by WufWuf » Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:58 am

Wow brilliant pictures ckranz thanks for posting them :D :D .

My girl is also a fence fighter (and enjoys it too bloomin' JRT's :roll: ) however she also has a history of being dog aggressive and short fused (due to her history and fear), she is much better and never tries to start fights any more but she would still really love me to let her fence fight, it's just sooo rewarding for her that finding a situation that I can control and work on it with her is not easy apart from the fact that it would most likely be unfair on the other dog as she only does it if the other dog is reactive.

I feel that all I can really do is manage it for now, I do a little work on getting her to go past certain gates but it can all be blown by the level of the reaction behind the gate which is not something I can control or predict as the gates are solid so I can't see the dogs so I usually just try to avoid or use strong distraction to get her past.

Anyway sorry to waffle on :oops: loved the pictures and they sparked my brain off :lol: .
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