Sled dog and lovely lady

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Sled dog and lovely lady

Post by Swanny1790 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:28 am

Thowra (Night Wind) is an Alaskan husky sled dog from an up and coming long distance race leader named Sound, and a very famous lead dog named Silver. He's only a yearling, and at this stage of development is just a BIG, rowdy puppy. His exuberance makes him very difficult to handle, but as you can see we've been working on that and he's much calmer now than just a month or so ago. My wife Trish has been working especially hard to calming Thowra and another young, overly exuberant male named Aumaruq. Here's a shot of Trish standing with an unusually calm Thowra.

"Once infected with the mushing virus, there is no cure. There is only trail." - Sven Engholm

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