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Message from Victoria

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 9:34 pm
by Victoria
Hello everyone and welcome to the Positively forums!

I believe all good trainers are constantly learning and evolving, and that sharing what we've learned and experienced is essential to our ongoing development. These forums have proven to be a great source of opinion, insight and information to myself and countless others, and I hope you get a lot out of this community as well.

The only way for the forum to continue to help people in this way, however, is to ensure that we all follow one philosophy-related rule for participation here: Stick to reward-based, positive reinforcement training theories! While I recognize that there are those who still use and recommend aversive, dominance-based theories, this is not the place for them. Most trainers and behaviorists today agree that training a dog using dominance causes the dog to respond out of fear, which results in psychological problems for the dog, does not identify or solve the root problem, and ultimately damages the owner-dog relationship.

Most people who arrive at these forums do so after watching my TV show, 'It's Me or the Dog', and are likely looking for more advice on positive training methods and like-minded dog people, so my request is not an effort to censor anyone, just to keep these forums moving in what I consider to be the right direction.