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Post by ZaraD » Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:33 am

Hi all

Another question I get a lot is " aren't such and such hyper as a breed" some people come into my salon knowing what breed they want but asking if they are hyper for excample I had a woman week come in about a flat coat retriever and asked aren't they hyper though and my reply was no in my experience flats are similar to Golden retrievers but just more active I would not call them hyper they just need a lot of physical and mental exercise like 2hrs of exercise plus lots of mental stimulation. Once given this they are happy to chill with you. Were most spaniels I would call hyper but then again I don't see it as hyper I see it as just needs to be doing something all the time and just loves to have fun all the time and is not one to just sit and relax until it's bed time.

I just wanted to ask if I have this right as I don't want to give wrong advice? Was I correct on both the flat coat and my opinion of hyper?

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Re: Hyper?

Post by Nettle » Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:00 am

People don't always say what they mean, and many people have a poor vocabulary. So it's best to draw out the conversation to see what they mean when they say "hyper" as often the subtext is more like "are its exercise and training needs more than I am prepared to give?".
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